Recap of the Year, Day 1: Meta in 2019

starcraft 6 - Recap of the Year, Day 1: Meta in 2019

I'm going to be posting a series of recaps for the Blizzcon Players. I'm making this post with new and casual viewers in mind. If you don't watch every match in WCS and GSL then this post is for you. Since it's Day 1 we'll start with the meta of 2019.

2019 starts off with big changes. Serral, a non-Korean Zerg, just won the World Series Finals and is looking like a potential bongjwa. Maru won the last 3 GSLs and everyone is wondering if he'll win a 4th, 5th, and 6th. End of the year balance patch includes the Raven changed to a support caster instead of an AoE caster, Battlecruiser brought in to relevance, infestor buffed while hydra is slightly nerfed, High Templar feedback nerfed, and the Golden Armada is massively changed while the Robo's cost is decreased.

Scene Defining Moments:

Serral isn't invincible :

Maru is dethroned as king of GSL :

Zergs can win GSL ft the first Protoss to make back-to-back GSL finals :


Serral doesn't own WCS, ft Reynor :

Start of the Year Meta: GSL season 1 ro32

Battlecruiser Opener TvZ : Bunny vs Solar Game 3

Immortal Sentry PvZ : Dear vs Dark Game 2

Collosus Opener PvT : Dear vs Keen Game 2

Meta heading to Blizzcon:

Dark relies on early all ins against Protoss :


Trap does what no other Protoss can against Terran :

TY makes mech work in TvP :

Terrans are searching for a new meta against top Zergs, ft Maru and TY and Gumiho : GSL ST #2

Since its likely we'll see a good amount of ZvZ here's some meta for it:

Europe featuring Serral vs Reynor : WCS


Korea featuring Rogue vs Dark :

Kings of the current Meta heading in to Blizzcon

ZvZ : Serral – slightly volatile, threatened by Rogue and Reynor

ZvT : Dark, with Serral closely behind or even

ZvP : Dark, with Serral closely behind

PvP : Volatile Matchup

PvT : Trap

PvZ : Stats

TvX : Maru – TY preferred if he can attend

Moving forward with the 2019 Recap, Day 2 will be featuring Dark and Serral (1st seeds) with a look at their current form and grasp on the current meta. Day 3 will be moving on to the 2nd seed, until we have Day 9 featuring both 8th seeds. Hopefully by then we'll know whether or not Classic is attending, and if necessary, we'll get a write up for TY. I want to do something more for Day 10 but I don't really know what to do yet. Also, I'd like to invite any respectable Protosses to help me with the write ups for said Protosses considering I'm just a dirty Zerg player. And of course, if I have any missing information or if you would like me to add something to a following day please let me know.

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