Recap of the Year, Day 2 : Serral and Dark

starcraft 1 - Recap of the Year, Day 2 : Serral and Dark

Here's a link to Day 1 which briefly covers the meta in 2019.

Ence Serral – 6 time WCS champion, WESG Finalist, GSL vs the world Champion, 2018 Global Finals Champion, 1st seed from the WCS Circuit.

This year Serral reached 7/9 finals in the Premier Tournaments he attended, and was only defeated by eventual champions for the respective tournament (Soo in IEM Katowice, and Stats in Asus ROG). Serral's biggest strength appears to be his macro play, while his biggest (as big as it could be for a 78% finalist) weakness appears to meta-gaming.

Most Recent Performance :

ZvZ :

Serral's most recent game against a Korean Zerg was against Soo (Homestory Cup). Serral has a much better performance than his previous match against Soo (IEM Katowice), showing improved roach play and knowledge of the new meta.

Serral's most recent big ZvZ performance was against Reynor (

). Serral looks near invincible against Reynor's ling muta heavy playstyle, only losing a close a base trade.

ZvT :

Serral's most recent match against a Korean Terran features TY (

), cleanly defeating TY and only dropping a map after a long game which included very narrowly holding a proxy rax opener from TY.

ZvP :

Serral lost his two most recent series to Stats (

), looking exposed by 3 oracle openers. However, Serral shores up his weakness to 3 oracle openers to cleanly defeats Trap and Classic (GSL vs The World), arguably the two best all-around Protosses in the Global Finals.

Expectations :

ZvZ : Rank 1

Serral still shows a reliance on going roach every game, which could potentially be a weakness exploited by Rogue's wild ZvZ showcased against Dark in GSL season 3. Reynor could potentially threaten him as well, but otherwise he appears untouchable.

ZvT : Rank 2

Serral looks untouchable by Mech based play. Unfortunately for Serral, Maru appears to prefer bio, but unfortunately for Maru, he historically has subpar performance outside of GSL. Serral's ZvT is likely strong enough for the championship.

ZvP : Rank 2

Serral's biggest problem is his arch-nemesis, Stats. Stats is the only player to beat Serral in two tournaments (HSC and Asus Rog) in a row since the start of 2018. If Serral can beat Stats, it's most likely smooth sailing to the Championship.


Dragon Phoenix Gaming Dark – GSL season 2 Champion, GSL ST #2 Champion, Nestea Award + tied for longest Code S streak at 17 (with Solar), participated in all LoTV global finals, 2015 Rookie of the Year.

This year Dark achieved ro4 or greater in every GSL, as well as IEM Katowice. Dark's biggest strength is being unpredictable and defining his own meta, while his biggest weakness appears to be either ZvZ, or his relative inexperience in the late game with broodlord infestor.

Most Recent Performance :

ZvZ :

Dark's recent losses against Rogue (GSL season 3) and Elazer (GSL vs the World) could've been used to show Dark as a ZvZ pushover, but his more recent victory against Soo (GSL ST #2) utilizing the same strategies Rogue used against him three weeks earlier, shows Dark is still capable of catching up to top Zergs.

ZvT :

Dark's recent dominating victories against Maru (GSL ST #2) and TY (Finals) make him look damn near invincible in ZvT.

ZvP :

Dark's run through GSL season 2 was the start of his vicious ZvP. His most recent game against PvZ paragon Stats (

) makes his ZvP look near unstoppable as well.

Expectations :

ZvZ : Rank 5

Dark's games against Soo makes it look like he can catch up to the top ZvZ meta. I could easily see Dark losing to Serral, Reynor, Rogue, or Elazer. His ZvZ is likely the only thing that could stop him from winning 2019's championship.

ZvT : Rank 1

Dark's ZvT against top koreans implies that he won't be losing any series against Terrans in the Global Finals. Good luck to any Terrans that see him there, they'll need it.

ZvP : Rank 1

Dark's recent ZvP streak is looking pretty formidable, but I have a feeling it's not as invincible as his ZvT. Regardless, he's heavily favored against any and all Protosses at the Global Finals.

Ranks next to Expectations are my personal conclusions as to how the players would rank compared to other players of the same race if they only played that match up. I'd love to hear your opinions! Day 3 will be in the same style and include the 2nd seeds, Reynor and Trap. If there's anything I missed or anything you would like me to add tomorrow please let me know. And once again, I'd like to invite any respectable Protosses to help me write up the Protosses, since I'm just a dirty Zerg player.

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