Recap of the Year, Day 3 : Reynor and Trap

starcraft 3 - Recap of the Year, Day 3 : Reynor and Trap

Here's a link to Day 1 which briefly covers the meta in 2019.

Day 2 : Serral and Dark

Gamers Origin Reynor – 2 time WCS Champion, GSL Code S ro16, young prodigy, 2nd seed from the WCS Circuit.

Reynor's biggest strength appears to be his unpredictability and his superb control with zergling focused playstyles. His greatest weakness is probably his lack of experience, particularly against Korean pros. Given enough time, I have no doubt Reynor will be a serious contender for the title of best all-around Zerg in the world.

Most Recent Performance : WCS Fall

ZvZ :

His most recent game made it look like like he had been figured out by Serral (

), winning only 1 map in a close base trade.

His dominating victory against Elazer (

) still shows Reynor as a real threat in ZvZ.

ZvT :

His most recent game against Special (

) was a clean victory, dropping only 1 map to Special's superb bio pressure.

ZvP :

His recent loss against Stats (

), with all 3 games transitioning from immortal sentry to late game, depicts Reynor as competent even if he ultimately unsuccessful.

Expectations :

ZvZ : Rank 2/6

Year-long back and forth rivalry with Serral shows a very competitive ZvZ from Reynor. I don't think anyone doubts that Reynor absolutely has what it takes to challenge Korean Zergs at Global Finals. Reynor's ZvZ is definitely strong enough to be a Championship Contender.

ZvT : Rank 5/6

While Reynor has had good results against foreign Terrans, he has no positive results against Korean Terrans. Luckily for Reynor, Maru is the only korean Terran in global finals (unless Classic can't make it). Reynor is definitely favored against the rest of the Terrans, hopefully he can avoid Maru.

ZvP : Rank 4/6

Similar to his ZvT, Reynor has an overwhelming record against foreign Protosses. and next to no results against Korean Protosses, except a close loss to Stats at Asus ROG. While I wouldn't expect Reynor to beat every Korean Protoss, I have no doubt that he is a very real threat to their hopes at the championship.


Jin Air Green Wings Trap – First Protoss to make back to back GSL Finals, ro4 in GSL season 1, 2nd seed from Korea

Trap's biggest strength is an unmatched PvT. Trap's festering weakness is PvZ.

Most Recent Performance :

PvZ :

Unfortunately, Trap's most recent PvZ was getting embarrassed by Rogue (GSL Season 3 Finals). His most recent offline victory against a Zerg attending the current Global Finals was against Dark at IEM Katowice (2018!!!)

PvT :

Trap's performance in PvT has been absolutely stellar all year, only dropping one offline Bo3+ to a Terran (Maru). Trap's recent run through GSL Season 3 (Part 1 vs Maru,

) shows almost no weaknesses.

PvP :

Trap's most recent PvP against Classic (

) doesn't show much promise, but his games throughout the rest of the year (GSL season 2) have been well enough, considering how volatile PvP is.

Expectations :

PvZ : Rank 6/6

I personally have almost no hope for Trap's PvZ, I'd be surprised if he beat Elazer, arguably the weakest Zerg seed. Facing any Zerg at the Global Finals is most likely a death sentence for Trap.

PvT : Rank 1/6

What Trap lacks in PvZ, he definitely makes up for in PvT. Trap's PvT is absolutely unstoppable, and almost certainly means elimination for any Terran unlucky enough to draw him in bracket.

PvP : Unranked

It's hard to expect anything out of PvP. While Trap is fully capable of taking out anybody in PvP, it's also fully possible to lose to anyone.

Ranks next to Expectations are my personal conclusions as to how the players would rank compared to other players of the same race if they only played that match up. I'd love to hear your opinions! Day 4 will be in the same style and include the 3rd seeds, Classic and Neeb. If there's anything I missed or anything you would like me to add tomorrow please let me know. If any respectable Protosses would like to chime in about my Protoss analysis please do so, I'd highly appreciate your input and will definitely work it in.

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