Recap of the Year, Day 4 : Classic and Neeb

starcraft 5 - Recap of the Year, Day 4 : Classic and Neeb

Here's a link to Day 1 which briefly covers the meta in 2019.

Day 2 : Serral and Dark — Day 3 : Reynor and Trap

Mkers Classic – GSL ST #1 Champion, GSL season 1 Finalist, ro4 or better in 5/7 premier tournaments, 3rd seed from Korea.

The theme of Classic's year is consistency. Not sporting any clear weaknesses, it's conversely difficult to point out something specific that Classic does better than all other Protoss attending the Global Finals.

Recent Performances :

PvZ :

Classic's recent loss to Ragnarok (GSL season 3) was pretty close, and a surprise performance from Ragnarok. Classic dropped one close macro game, with his second loss being a poorly executed zealot all in.Classic's less recent loss to Serral (GSL vs the World) doesn't exactly inspire confidence. Classic's late game play exposes a stubborness with which he prefers to clash his archon-tempest-voidray deathball against the heavily favored broodlord infestor deathball.

PvT :

Classic's only losses in PvT this year were dished out by Special (in a bo1) and Maru in GSL season 1. Classic's recent victory over Special (GSL vs the World) shows great macro and decision making, and the ability to stand up to Special's excellent split bio pressure.

PvP :

Classic recent PvP record is pretty back and forth. His two most recent games at GSL ST #2 show a competent proficiency from Classic, despite the ultimate elimination. His run in the tournament was cut short by HerO (Ro4) in a very close game 5 via a narrowly unscouted Stargate.

Expectations :

PvZ : Rank 2/6

Deadly cannon rushes and intimidating Immortal Sentry timings definitely make up for Classic's weak late game. While I don't favor Classic against Serral or Dark, I have no doubt that if he brings his top form he can absolutely be a threat to their run for the championship. Classic's PvZ is capable of a champion.

PvT : Rank 2/6

Classic's PvT is good enough to take on Maru, the top Terran. While Special's top form could be enough to give Classic some trouble, I doubt PvT will be the cause of Classic's elimination.

PvP : ?/6

Once again, its hard to expect anything out of PvP. I personally favor Classic against every other Protoss, but anything can happen.


Ting Neeb – WCS Winter (America) champion, IEM Katowice ro8, WESG ro8, GSL vs the World ro4, 2 time WCS ro4, 3rd seed from WCS circuit.

Neeb's biggest strength appears to be consistency as well. While not having any glaring weaknesses, Neeb appears to be just barely underneath champion caliber, consistently but almost exclusively losing to Serral and Korean championship caliber players.

Recent Performances :

PvZ :

In his most recent match, Neeb simply looks outclassed by Serral (

), losing to Serral's early, mid, and late game.

Less recently, against Elazer (GSL vs world) Neeb shows proficiency at every phase of the game, but not looking especially sharp at any point.

PvT :

Against TIME (WCS Fall) Neeb looks to like using DTs. Overall Neeb shows very solid play in every phase of the game. Unfortunately Neeb has very few recent results against Korean Terrans.

PvP :

Neeb's most recent game against Stats (GSL vs the World) inspires a lot more confidence than in his two other match ups. Neeb loses a very close game 1, and proceeds to sweep up Stats starting with fantastic Prism Colo micro in game 2.

Expectations :

PvZ : Rank 4, PvT : Rank 5, PvP : ?/6

In all match ups I believe Neeb can take out any of the top pros, but I wouldn't count on him doing it multiple times, and I don't think Neeb has what it takes to be 2019's champion. If he switches to Zerg in the offseason maybe he can be 2020's champion 🙂

Ranks next to Expectations are my personal conclusions as to how the players would rank compared to other players of the same race if they only played that match up. I'd love to hear your opinions! Day 5 will be in the same style and include the 4th seeds, Maru and Special. If there's anything I missed or anything you would like me to add tomorrow please let me know.

Post Script – How many different ways can I write "in his most recent game"? I'm probably going to be pretty harsh with the rest of the WCS cast, more so than with Neeb, considering I don't have much faith in them getting out of groups. I'm tempted to summarize all of the lower half of WCS circuit in one go, but we'll see how it goes after covering my boy Juanito del Dorito.

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