Recap of the Year, Day 7 : soO And Rogue

starcraft 7 - Recap of the Year, Day 7 : soO And Rogue

Here's a link to Day 1 which briefly covers the meta in 2019.

Day 2 : Serral and Dark — Day 3 : Reynor and Trap — Day 4 : Classic and Neeb — Day 5: Maru and SpeCial

Day 6 : TIME, HeroMarine, Elazer, Showtime

Chivo SC soO – IEM Katowice Champion, GSL ST #2 ro4, ro8 GSL season 2, Korea's 5th seed

Soo strength lies in the mid game, capable of taking out any and everyone in the mid game. His biggest weakness is his nerves, losing 9 final appearances out of 12. Soo falls apart in extended late games as well, not showing an ability to keep a level head when it matters most.

Recent Performances :

ZvZ : Rank 5/6

Soo gets clapped by Dark (

), losing in the early mid and late game. He beats Impact (ro16), but frankly he just looks like a weaker Serral.

ZvT : Rank 5/6

Soo has a close game with Gumiho (GSL ST #2) with neither player looking fantastic, strange all ins from both players failing. Less recently, soO gets smashed by TIME's (

) bio, mech, and late game.

ZvP : Rank 6/6

Soo loses to both herO (GSL) and Zest (

) at GSL s3 AND at Asus ROG (no vods). Soo prefers a big timing attack with roach ravager, but we don't see it work out for him very often.

Expectations :

Soo was talking last year about losing some motivation and maybe joining the military, and maybe he did lose his motivation after winning IEM Katowice. Soo looks about as strong as Elazer does, and dare I say it, maybe weaker heading to Blizzcon. I don't expect much from Soo to be honest. I'll admit it's likely he'll make it out of groups, but considering his recent slump, I really doubt his ability to make it to the finals and it's even more unlikely he'll be the champion.

Jin Air Green Wings Rogue – GSL season 3 champion, GSL season 1 ro8, 6th seed from Korea

Rogue's strength undoubtedly lies in his late game, while his weakness probably lies in his early game and difficulty holding 1 base all ins.

Recent Performance :

Rogue popped off in scboy today. I won't be including it since I've been doing bo3+ almost exclusively, and I have no clue if team leagues are 1:1 with regular tournaments.


ZvZ :

Rogue slaps Dark (

) out of GSL with some strategies not normally seen in Korean ZvZ, including a 12pool spine rush, quick lurkers off roach, and some late game lurker nydus play.

ZvT :

Rogue shows his love for the Nydus against Alive (GSL s3), using it for an early all in as well as using it in the game.

ZvP :

After humbling Trap (GSL s3) Rogue gets beat down by Stats (GSL ST #2) featuring two uncharacteristic cannon rushes. Rogue wins Game 2 with solid SH based harrass, but loses the last game after forgetting bane speed.

Expectations : Nyduses everywhere

ZvZ : 3/6

Rogue might have what it takes to eliminate Serral, but I don't think he has enough practice against Reynor's chaotic ling muta style to survive it.

ZvT : 4/6

It's hard to say whether or not Rogue can take down Maru considering we haven't seen him play against many top level Terrans recently. His recent match history against top terrans doesn't look too great either. While not especially bad, he still might have some trouble with TIME and HeroMarine considering how well they've been playing this year.

ZvP : 3/6

I'd put Rogue behind Reynor after the game with stats, but he's showed decent enough results against Parting and herO in the scBoy team championship (going off the results, I haven't seen the vods) and is strong enough in the late game to put him ahead of Reynor. I favor Rogue in the matchup but it's still possible he'll be eliminated by his ZvP.

Ranks next to Expectations are my personal conclusions as to how the players would rank compared to other players of the same race if they only played that match up. I'd love to hear your opinions! Day 8 will be in the same style and include the 7th and 8th Korean seeds, Hero and Stats. If there's anything I missed or anything you would like me to add tomorrow please let me know.

Notes : I'm a little bitter about soO's performance this year, he was my hero as a young zerg in 2017. I was sad to hear he was losing motivation towards the end of 2018. Breaking his Kong Curse, impending military service, and getting to do some part time casting really seems to have killed what remained of his motivation. I hope he gets 2nd place just so I can feel vindicated in my bitterness lol. On a more serious note, is it Nyduses or Nydi?

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