Recap of the year, Day 8 : herO and Stats

starcraft 1 - Recap of the year, Day 8 : herO and Stats

Here's a link to Day 1 which briefly covers the meta in 2019.

Day 2 : Serral and Dark — Day 3 : Reynor and Trap — Day 4 : Classic and Neeb — Day 5: Maru and SpeCial

Day 6 : TIME, HeroMarine, Elazer, Showtime — Day 7 : Soo and Rogue

Triumphant Song Gaming herO – ro4 IEM Katowice, ro4 GSL ST #2, ro8 GSL season 2, Korea's 7th seed

herO's strength appears to be creating and controlling chaos, will his biggest weakness appears to be stability.

Recent Performance :

PvZ :

Hero comes out ahead in the end against Soo (GSL s3), holding a dangerous timing attack in game 2 and finishing soO with a sharp timing in game 3.

PvT :

Hero looks lost against TY's (GSL ST#2) experimental tank thor late game. It's hard to blame him though, considering it was the debut of the style. In the same tournament, hero clowns Dream (ro16).

PvP :

Narrowly beating out Classic (GSL ST #2) almost overshadows the fact that Hero hasn't won an offline match against Stats (loss at

) since 2017 in a teamleague.

Expectations :

PvZ : Rank 3/6

Every Zerg in the Global Finals just looks so damn good at PvZ. Hero will probably take out Elazer or Soo, maybe even Reynor, if he can get his hands on them, but I don't think he'll have much look besides that.

PvT : Rank 4/6

No foreign Terran is going to stand in Hero's way. If Maru makes it out his group, there's no way herO will be the one to take him down.

PvP : Rank ?/6

Once again, hard to expect anything out of PvP. Win or lose, I expect some dirty and innovative games from herO.

Splyce Stats – Asus Rog Champion, IEM Katowice Finalist, 2x ro8 GSL ST, Korea's 8th seed

Stats's biggest strength is his macro. Despite occasionally innovating cutting edge strategies, Stat's biggest weakness is metagaming.

Recent Performances : God Giveth, and he taketh away

PvZ :


God gives Rogue (GSL ST#2) to Stats, God takes Dark (

) away from him. Honorable mention to Stat's introduction of 3 oracle openers against Serral (

), leading to the championship.

PvT :

God Gives Maru to Stats (GSL vs the World), God takes Maru (GSL s3) away from him.

PvP :

God gives Stats a victory over Hero (

), God takes a victory away from Stats against Neeb (


The theme is Stats wins when he brings his top form, and loses when he forgets to pack it. It's hard to overstate how important cannon rushing Rogue was, especially considering they were both wildly successful. A lot of corners that used to be cut as freebies against Stats's traditional defensive macro are going to be considered a lot more risky now that he has shown hes willing to, and capable of using risky all-in strategies.

Expectations :

Stats is without a doubt my favorite Protoss for the tournament. He's capable of taking out any Zerg, he's capable of taking out any Protoss, and he's capable of taking out Maru.

PvZ : Rank 1

I don't think Stats has a very good chance against Dark, but Stats will hold his own against Serral/Rogue and is heavily favored against every other Zerg.

PvT : Rank 2

Stats doesn't look as good as Trap, but he still looks pretty damn fine.

PvP : ?/6

Always too volatile to reasonably predict.

Closing Remarks :

PvT ranks are kind of hard to justify since Maru is just so far apart from the foreign Terrans. It would probably be more fair to say I think Trap is favored against Maru, Stats could go either way. Maru is favored against Hero and Classic, and its unlikely for any of the Korean Protosses to lose against a foreign Terran.

Tomorrow will have a summary of ranks, some group predictions now that they've been finalized (I'm sad TY won't be there, but still happy for Classic), and some other shenanigans.

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