Recap of the Year, Final Day : Summary and Predictions

starcraft 7 - Recap of the Year, Final Day : Summary and Predictions

Here's a link to Day 1 which briefly covers the meta in 2019.

Day 2 : Serral and Dark — Day 3 : Reynor and Trap — Day 4 : Classic and Neeb — Day 5: Maru and SpeCial

Day 6 : TIME, HeRoMaRiNe, Elazer, Showtime — Day 7 : soO and Rogue — Day 8 : herO and Stats

Zerg Rankings :

ZvZ :

Serral > Reynor/Rogue > soO > Dark > Elazer

Elazer can probably still beat Dark but lose to everyone else, Soo would probably lose against Dark but have a better chance against Reynor and Rogue. I think Serral is a clear favorite though.

ZvT :

Dark > Serral > Rogue > Reynor > soO > Elazer

It's hard to rank XvT since Maru is so far apart from the foreign Terrans and so it basically comes down to XvMaru. I think Dark has a better chance against Maru than Serral.

ZvP :

Dark > Serral > Rogue > Reynor > soO > Elazer

I really can't see too many Zergs losing in ZvP at Global Finals unless Protoss brings some new strategies. soO honestly looked monstrous against herO in GSL s3 and I want to put him over Rogue, but he has no results to justify it, including losing that series.

Terran Rankings : You are missed TY

TvZ :

Maru > TIME > HeroMarine > Special

Time looks fucking fantastic, but at the end of the day the only match he's won against a top Zerg was against soO in his slump.

TvT :

Maru >> HeroMarine > Time/Special

Very few TvTs this year, HeroMarine post a pretty decent record, compared to Special and TIME who have almost no results against Korean Terrans or even each other.

TvP :

Maru > Special > HeroMarine > TIME

Special is the only foreigner to look comfortable in TvP. HeroMarine and TIME always want to put their army in 1 group and fight head on, while Special (and of course Maru) will send drop after drop.

Protoss Rankings :

PvZ :

Stats > herO > Classic > Neeb > Trap > Showtime

Stats is a god, herO and Classic are a little hard to differentiate but I'll still give it to herO. Compared to Stats, herO and Classic would probably do better against Dark and Reynor, but do worse against Serral and Rogue.

PvT :

Trap >> Stats > Classic/herO > Neeb > Showtime

Trap is a god as well. Stats has a relatively even chance against Maru while Classic and herO have a slim chance.


PvP :
?page=1&race=p&nats=all&sort=vp - Recap of the Year, Final Day : Summary and Predictions

Aligulac Ratings here since PvP is so hard to predict.

Stats > Classic > Hero > Showtime > Neeb > Trap

Group Predictions :

Group A : Dark > Special — Aligulac is fucked if it really thinks Dark-Showtime is 60-40

soO is statistically more likely to get out of the group before Special, but given Special's performance at the last 2 blizzcons, I'm still keeping him.

Group B : Serral > Stats

This is a really tough one. If Maru pulls out first in groups, then I think whoever loses the first match between Serral and Stats will win the decider. I'll eat NoRegret's shoe if TIME gets out Group B.

Group C : Reynor > Classic (PvP volatility for herO to get out)

Group D : Rogue > Neeb

I really want to believe in Trap, I really do.

Champion Favorite Rankings :

Serral > Stats > Reynor/Rogue

Your bracket predictions are welcome here! Shoutout to HondaFG's ZvP insight, and SC2_4787's comment on Reynor's ZvZ.

PS : It was pretty fun doing this series, I might come back with something similar for future events but I probably won't do the same thing. It's strange trying to find a balance between making the writing itself interesting, and trying to write about something interesting. I really hate reviews and other articles where it seems like the author is using the subject as an excuse to flex about how interesting his writing is, and I was trying to avoid that. I've been going through a lot of guesswork and trying to explain how I came to the conclusions. I hope you learned something if you read through the series, or if you didn't learn anything I hope you at least found it enjoyable enough.

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