Reducing game ending moments in sc2

starcraft 8 - Reducing game ending moments in sc2

In order to make the game better, and a lot more fun for ladder players, viewers and pros, I believe is good to try to get rid of the sudden game ending moments in the game (as much as possible).

Highrolls are more of a card game thing. A rts should have as little luck involved as possible. Should have some, but very little.

The easiest example I can come up with to explain this idea, are the underground green boys (burrowed banes). There's counter play, you can know they're there, but you can still lose armies, rallied workers, sentries, etc out of no where.

It has such a big potential for little investment. If you needed to invest more, it could be fine, but you can have a couple and trade with and immense amount of cost efficiency. Again, you invest little for the potential of gaining a lot. And if you never hit with them, is ok you didn't invest much.

So what? You may say. But think of this happening in the mythical series between Maru and Serral Mary and Cereal. Imaging Cereal connecting some burrowed banes, killing a ton of marines for that little investment, and then destroying the potential of a long, amazing macro game. Instead, burrowed banes connect, Mary is dead, and…that's it.

The viewers are disappointed once again…

There goes your amazing series! You might have wanted Cereal to win, but I'm sure not like that! You wanted epic games!


Some may remember Scarlett vs Bomber on habitation station. Some still say is one of best games ever. Burrowed banes were part of the fun of the series, and the reason why Scarlett could comeback out of the terrible position she was in, and also the reason why she won the game and series. This is highroll.

What's the problem with that? Well, we have to remember the context of that era. That game was played back when there was no region lock. Back when, if a foreigner defeated a korean, it was utterly exciting, since it happened very very rarely. So we were'nt gonna question how or why she won, just enjoy the fact that she did.

Image if the korean was the zerg, and the terran the foreigner hope. Same game, same result. Instead of people saying "wow best game ever", people would have rioted about "this #@%* balance" or w/e, because their foreigner player lost when he/she "shoulda" won.

My point is, don't say that you wouldn't have hated the results if the terran was a foreigner. We liked that game, in part, because a foreigner defeated a korean.

I hope blizzard cuts the potential of highroll moments like this, so if we ever get Mary vs Cereal, the games aren't boycotted by the underground green boys.

I have some other ideas but I want the community to brainstorm some more. What do you think of this post? What other game ending moments exist in the game?

Thanks for your attention.

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