Resources for Beginner Players

starcraft 1 - Resources for Beginner Players

I'm feeling particularly magnanimous and so I figured I'd gather up some resources for all the beginner players out there, all in one post. So, without further ado, a whole bunch of stuff for you guys, in a somewhat organized way:


All races/general purpose

><noscript><img src= - Resources for Beginner Players

Day9 Daily #360 Mental Checklist Exercises

– check the top comment for time stamps

Winter's Learn to Play Starcraft

playlist?list=PLT0hfPWJS6 vUC4p0x3tBuC6lImI7hiOT - Resources for Beginner Players

Lowko's Guides and tutorials


Gemini's Walling Guides

Gemini's Build Of The Week Archive

Pezzaperry's Cannon Rush Defense Guide

Harstem's Build Order Guides

zuka Ingame – Protoss Tutorials/Guides/BOs (EN/FR)




Railgan – Filthy Zerg Build Orders

Other resources

General – Simple replay upload – Replay upload, improvement tracking and more

Spawningtool – Build orders for all races and all purposes

Liquipedia – StarCraft II en­cy­clo­pe­dia

calendar - Resources for Beginner Players

TeamLiquid – Event Calendar

General Discussion – Blizzard – Game discussion place

www.rankedftw - Resources for Beginner Players

randkedFTW – Ladder rankings and stats


allthingsprotoss Everything Protoss

Terran – Terran build orders, explainers and analysis

allthingsterran – Everything Terran


allthingszerg – Everything Zerg – Zerg build orders, explainers and analysis

Co-op Resources

Aommaster's Map Tips

Aommaster's Weekly Mutations – Brutal + analysis, mutator analysis, mutator safety zone maps and more

www.starcraft2coop - Resources for Beginner Players – Guides, tutorials and more


Should I have missed anything, please let me know and I'll add in to the list. Hope this post is of help, gl and hf everyone!

This list would not be the same without extra contributions from the following people:
kelvSYC - Resources for Beginner Players/u/kelvSYC

Many, many thanks to each of you 🙂

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