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starcraft 5 - Results of /r/Starcraft Poll

I posted a poll here a few days ago that got 360(ish) responses.
A general summary w/ google charts can be found here:
viewform?usp=sf link - Results of /r/Starcraft Poll


Primary race: 38.7% Terran; 26.8% Zerg, 24.6% Protoss, 6.6% Random, 3.3% don't play any 1s/2s/3s/4s.

Note: The survey respondents race distribution doesn't match up with the actual race distribution (in any of these
matchups). Zerg in 1s has 28%; Protoss 30%, Terran 32%, Random 8%. For team games there's more Zerg than anything
else. This might be due to the higher league distribution than average, but it doesn't quite match up with any point on
the ladder .

Off Race: 29.7% only play their main, 3.4% said they don't play at all 26.1% P , 22.1% off race Zerg, 18.8% Terran.

Note: While the % who said they don't play went up by .1, the actual # of responses in that category was consistent. No questions but the first were mandatory and some didn't answer this one. It makes sense that the Off Race section is opposite of the primary race (e.g. 51.4% are not Terran, 63.3 are not Zerg, 65.5 are not Protoss) I'm not great at math so someone better at it than me should probably figure out if I goofed it, but I calculated that:

36.5% of players who are not terran (excluding randoms) pick it as an off race, 34.9% of non-zerg players off race as it, and 39.8% of non-protoss players off-race as protoss. I think it's interesting that P seems to be the most frequently chosen off-race and Z the least chosen.

What game types do you play?: 93.5% play 1v1, making it overwhelmingly the most popular game type. 39.5% play the Campaign, 31.4% play 2v2, 29.9% play Co-Op; 27.7% play Arcade 15% play 3v3; 13.8% play 4v4; and only 5.6% play Archon.

Note: can provide a set to compare to showing # of players in each 1s 2s 3s and 4s (RT only).

What League are you?: The actual question broke it down further, but generally:

Masters: 24.6%, Diamond: 39.2%, Platinum: 17.6% Gold: 8.2% Silver: 3.6% Bronze: 0.3%

Clearly weighted towards the higher end of the distribution with the largest chunk being somewhere in Diamond and the next highest chunk being Masters.

Maru is predicted to win the GSL

What types of posts do you prefer?: -Meta discussions + Memes are the top scoring with almost 63% approval. Statistics posts, event discussion, and gameplay gifs (in that order) are the next most popular, all over 50%. Balance discussion sits at 42% and seems to be rather controversial. Discussion of Fluff and Art are the least popular among survey goers (but apparently not among everyone here, based on upvotes lol)


What matchups do you like to watch the most?:

ZvT won by a landslide with 81.1% ranking it as one of their favorites. PvT and PvZ are tied for 2nd place with approximately 48%. Among mirror matchups, TvT is the most popular with 30%, ZvZ isn't far behind with 26%, but PvP lags down to 16%.

What do you like watching least? PvP comes in at 57%, ZvZ at 39%, TvT at 32%, PvZ at 10.6%, PvT at 10%, and TvZ at 3.9%

Subtracting this from the fav matchups you get: ZvT: roughly 77; PvT slightly more popular than PvZ, TvT at -2%, ZvZ at -13%, and PvP at -41%. Ouch.

As for favorite/Least fav matchup, I suggest checking out the top link. but basically:

Zerg players: Favorite: it's split approximately 39.2% Vs T, 38% vs P, 22.8% vs Z.
Least favorite: 55.5% ZvZ, 24% ZvT, 20.5% ZvP. Overall then, it seems Zergs like P the most (slightly) but basically (as everyone) dislikes mirrors more than anything. But notably 124 (over 1/3) of people didn't pick a least favorite race.

Terran Players: 51.7% prefer TvZ (wow.), 26.5% prefer TvP, and 21.8% prefer TvT.

Least Favorite: only 13.6% picked TvZ. 38.3% picked Protoss, while 48.1% picked TvT. There was about 117 (1/3rd) less responses to least favorite.

Protoss players:
Favorite: PvT 42.3% PvZ 36% PvP 21.7%
Least Fav: PvP: 52.3% PvZ: 28.4% PvT: 19.3%

Notably Terran seem to be the only ones who as a whole really prefer one matchup (TvZ). Zerg and Protoss are both happy with anything but a mirror. PvT is particularly interesting.

As for fav unit, these links provide some graphics:

t8xwe9nd8ar21 - Results of /r/Starcraft Poll

0hu7bzup7ar21 - Results of /r/Starcraft Poll

6itzjg4f8ar21 - Results of /r/Starcraft Poll

The TLDR: Marines and Zerglings are very popular. Generally Protoss units are the least popular or at least most evenly spread out in their popularity.

Text Section: The final note is there was 3 text sections, fav part, least fav part, and other thoughts. Other thoughts is too random to make use of.

Fav parts:

Pro play, the community 37
Competitive Ladder – 26
Hard game – 24
Winning 20
Improving- 18
Strategy 12
The micro and creative engagements. 12
Every game is different, single player is replayable 7
The Fun 5
Race Design-4
Story, lore and campaign 3
Co-op- 3
Playing with friends 3

Least Fav Parts: I lost my list for this and don't feel like going thru 100+ responses to reorganize (you can see them yourselves), but largely it losing, salt, trolls, balance whine

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