ROOTCatZ lied to you! Community figures cannot be trusted!

starcraft 8 - ROOTCatZ lied to you! Community figures cannot be trusted!

Now, we all know that SC2 Reddit is plagued by unprofessional and biased opinions. However, I was shocked to discover that even the (supposed) gentlemen like RootCatZ is secretly working against the community, spreading lies in hopes of confusing people from the real issue.

Some people have recently linked me this post of his, about 18 Immortals beating 100 roaches with 3/3 in a straight-up fight:

This thread is full of people agreeing with him, and also siting examples of other "imbalanced" units that Blizzard needs to fix. Nice_Username, Nathanias and other (previously) respected people have been spotted promoting this post.

After testing it rigorously in the unit tester aswell as in 1 (One) real game, i must sadly say that it all was a lie.

In fact, 18 immortals LOSE to 100 roaches every time. With at least 25 roaches remaining. The entire post was a huge (and obvious, if you think about it) misinformation. I have the proof:

That thread clearly exists only to confuse Blizzard employees (which we all know are confused easily) and the rest of gullable community into a false discussion, while we have to solve real issues at hand. We cant just take units in a vacuum and say they beat something, that is not how it works. Starcraft II is much more complicated than that.

Now, the only thing to redeem ROOTCatz, in my opinion, is if he meant that 18 3/3 Immortals beat 100 0/0 roaches. That, indeed, is the case. But why would completely hypothetical situation like that be relevant to discussion? Every zerg above diamond knows that you need to make upgrades ASAP against 18 immortal timing.



On the other hand, during my diligent testing i have uncovered the real issue at hand, the one that people try to divert your attention from.

20 liberators (3000/3000, 60 supply) can kill 100 mutas (10000/10000, 200 supply!!!). In fact, most liberators even STAY ALIVE after the fight. GO TEST IT YOURSELF, see the results. It is SHOCKING! Completely ridiculous outcome, as imbalanced as it could be. It has baffed me how it got through the testing, and now we know exactly why the zerg is struggling. Even if they sacrifice every drone, even max supply of their core unit is WORTHELSS in the matchup and it is not even close.

Now, the quick suggestion here is to hotfix the liberator anti-air. And obviously it should be done ASAP. But there is also another option. I believe, counters in this game should exist. However, it has been brought to my attention that liberators come from a starport. Which is built by a worker called an SCV. And SCV can also make a turret. Which also hardcounters Mutalisks (tested).

Now how can that be? Why is one SCV countering Mutalisks in two different ways, no matter what it does? That is unacceptable and just tragic for a once proud unit (the mutalisk) that defined Broodwar and much of WoL history.

I propose to introduce a delay so that SCV cant build a turret after it has finished constructing starport. In my opinion it should be at least 14 seconds.

There are other solutions to help, and im sure the (real) community can rally up and help us fix the real issues. DO NOT BELIEVE FAKE INFORMATION. We will be stronger together!


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