Rory Swann’s SCVs can work on the same building because he cares about his workers and they’re all buddies so they communicate effectively

starcraft 4 - Rory Swann's SCVs can work on the same building because he cares about his workers and they're all buddies so they communicate effectively

Mengsk can also put multiple workers on the same structure but he doesn't care about his workers, rather his workers care about each other enough to make sure the job gets done quickly and right so none of them get punished for production falling behind.

Actually this might be more of an epiphany about peons since that's where the ability to work on the same structures comes from, but I have an explanation for that too.

Actually, hell, let's do all the reasons WarCraft 3 workers are motivated to work while we're at it.

Peasants are motivated by a sense of loyalty to the kingdom and were kicked by a horse once ("A horse kicked me once. It hurt.") which probably dampened their ability to question the kingdom. Either way, they're loyal enough to do the work without really complaining about it.

Peons are motivated by a sense of loyalty to the clan and are probably just subservient and genuinely hardworking blue-collar orcs. They know their place in the world and take a sense of pride in erecting structures.

Acolytes are motivated by a sense of loyalty to the Frozen Throne and are subservient on the basis of being literal cultists whose self-accepted purpose in life is to be a probe and warp things in.

Wisps are motivated by a sense of loyalty to nature and the common good because they're spirits of people who have probably died and realized that "oh shit, there really is an afterlife after all" so they continued to serve the cause because something something nature is eternal.

This is what makes Mengsk so different than literally every other RTS worker ever – they're subservient because they're forced to be, and care about the cause but not very much for Mengsk.

I assume that Mengsk doesn't create rules for the hell of it, something like "Moderate or eliminate beer consumption on duty" sounds like a reasonable rule, but only if you're actually getting paid or reasonably accommodated for the time put into the work you're doing.

If Mengsk's workers are truly just slaves, why not let them have a beer every now and then, and Mengsk probably realizes that occasional drinking would be good for morale.

If your troops hate you and your cause, they aren't going to want to serve you. The main complaint from the Dominion Laborer is "This is exhausting", not "I haven't slept in three days" or "I'm actually starving Emperor, can you supply drop some granola bars?"


I think I might be starting to ramble a bit here, but the point is that Mengsk's troops are reasonably accomodated enough to the point where they have enough strength to effectively co-ordinate and build stuff (they're not literally starving, in other words) which means that even though they're basically peons, they're peons that have it just good enough that they won't want to rise up and revolt in the foreseeable future.

Maybe Mengsk really does care about labor laws, if even just a little. We can see that Rory does, and the thing about Rory is that he's a team leader. He's someone you'd grab a couple beers with. He could motivate his co-workers through a mission just by promising "pizza party at the zoo" afterwards. His workers like him, and they like each other, which means they have no problem effectively communicating directions since they listen to each other.

That doesn't necessarily mean that commanders who can't build multiple structures at a time don't have an effective and coordinated workforce, it's just that Rory's guys are used to being told what to do by each other because "can you drill in this part of the structure for me?" isn't them bossing each other around, it's directing workflow in an effective fashion to get the structure built faster.

Mengsk's workers also do this, but only out of loyalty for each other. His workers have 'formed a clique' out of hatred for their boss fused with a deep loyalty to their cause, and it motivates them to work harder – don't do it for Mengsk, do it for each other.

Transition. Let's look at Raynor for a second. His workforce is made up of criminals and convicts, tough guys with a lot of pride who might have trouble taking directions from each other.

The thing is, not every SCV is the guy you see in the portrait. A colony with 24 SCVs all working mineral lines is 24 individuals working hard for the cause.

Unless the Terrans have perfected cloning and each unit is indeed whoever's in the portrait.

I think that's enough overthinking for now, drive safe, it's snowing outside and the roads are icy

TL;DR – If your employees are happy, directing workflow isn't an issue. With people like Mengsk, his workers are motivated by a sense of care for each other and the cause they're fighting for rather than Mengsk just being a cool guy like Swann, which could be anything since Mengsk is an effective propaganda user

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