Ryung gives some tips for Terran players

starcraft 4 - Ryung gives some tips for Terran players

This is from Ryung's youtube channel "령튜브"(Ryungtube)

He made this video to give some tips for Terran players

I am not English speaker so description can be difficult to understand

6:38 dropping mule, managing orbital command energy

drop mules to biggest mineral, usually the most pop out mineral

if you're low tier player who can't use orbital energy, just use scan and land extra supply depot

cause there is high likely chance you have enough resource

9:43 supply depot placement

always build supply depot back side of mineral

at 9:56 he says byun blocks space between mineral by building depot, it can protect you from warp prism harass

13:55 making marines

instead of pressing A key all the time to make marines

go to option-hotkeys-terran, choose barrack then select marine

beside A there is assistant hotkey, you select them and press S

now you can make marines from barracks pressing both A and S it is much faster

16:58 medivac pick up

so basic pick up tip, you send medivacs opposite way then select marines and load them to medivacs while they are going other way

18:25 how byun does the pick up

byun makes different control group for medivacs and marines

during fight when marines are pulling back byun select medivacs control group and send them to opposite side of marines then select marines control group and load them

21:10 innovation style pick up


with your army you shift click the medivacs and then control your medivacs to pick up marines

22:10 how to drop while moving

u keep press D(drop button) choose medivac one by one

25:00 separating loaded medivacs with empty one

select all medivacs and press D to other way, only loaded one go to other way (this is useful when you are trying to send medivacs to harass)

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30:53 using smart key (Rapid Fire)

for example, instead of pressing R and left clicking every time to use the snipe

go to option-hotkeys-global-unit management-choose ability or A.I. target

there you type R in the right side of “left mouse button”

now you can use snipe by pressing R and moving mouse over the target, it applies to other spell as well

36:00 turning off auto targeting for cyclone

by right clicking the skill you can turn them off

but easier way is to press alt+C

same for scv auto repair you can turn on them by Alt+R and turn off by Alt+R

39:45 how to use multiple smart key

You can only register 3 smart key, so if you want to do more

go to Document/Starcraft II/Accounts/your accounts number/hotkeys

there click <name.SC2HOTKEYS> folder

In the folder find

type key you want to add with coma, without space ()

43:23 using auto turret

I’m not sure about this one

anyway Ryung says use shift click and cast them right under raven

that way you can cast them right away

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