SC2 asymmetric design is garbage!

starcraft 2 - SC2 asymmetric design is garbage!


i am going to start off pretty strong worded, but for good reason – SC2's version of asymmetric design is utter garbage!

Because, unless you are one of those 20 year old virgins/ pimpled riddled 300 apm/sec koreans who never leave the basement, unlike SC;BW, race choice makes a MASSIVE impact on your odds!

In SC.2, only the worse Z/P fanboys will deny that Terran requires by far, the most useful APM to just break even.
Also, only the worse Z/P fanboys will deny that Terran's armies replenish the slowest of all (which shouldt be…werent P the ones to be slowest?), meaning every hit is way worse as T, than it is for P or Z.

This is easily reflected both on ladder, as racial percentages -especially climbing up leagues – but also on pro scene, where pro player Beastyqt quit Terran, because it simply required too much, while giving too little.

The root cause? The idiotic game design – intended! – to avoid all races starting on even footing!

The stupid David Kim thought it made for "fun to watch games" ! I remeber this from one of his early blue posts, when sc2 had just started.

But in, racial choice had little impact on your odds!

In SC:BW, a beginner Terran had allmost same odds as a beginner zerg or beginner protoss.


In SC:BW, in 1v1, provided both sides played as intended, without cheeses or tech rushes or fast expos, especially in the beginning or middle game, it was either virtually impossible or very very hard to take someone out by simply a-moving, regardless which race was attacking and which race was defending!

This was as it should be, because if both players keep up, then battles should be evenly matched or at least, very close to it!

in SC.BW, all races had very close strenghts in all stages of the game – there was no such retarded thing like "X race strong early game, while Y race strong late game"

Not so in SC2, where intended differences – "X race strong early game, while Y race strong late game" – have led to the other retarded axiom: "Aw…as Terran, have problems beating Z/P lategame ? Dont let it get there!"

This has to be the single, most idiotic way to design a STRATEGY game!

I have no idea on what drugs the lead designer was when making SC2, but strategy games imply same or at least, very similar odds for both opponents, which simply isnt the case for SC2!

Terran is hard mode by a long shot – barring some massive, stupid blunder/ failed cheese/rush etc by its Z/P opponents!

SC2 should have been SC:BW refined !

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