SC2 basically won me 500€ this weekend.

starcraft 10 - SC2 basically won me 500€ this weekend.

Short story time. I had a pre-Xmas get together with my wonderful family this weekend and I later on got into an eggnog fueled argument with one of my uncles about the skill requirement to play video games at a competitive level. We were taking about a ton of topics and somehow arrived at e-sports and my uncle had the strong opinion that it's complete bullshit, because video games are for kids and too easy to structure competitions around them. He was convinced that he would need about a month or so to masters any given video game. I tried to convince him otherwise, tried to make comparisons to chess, which you also can't master in a month but he was thickheaded and stubborn. During our conversation he got more and more smug and belittling, which annoyed me so I posed him a bet, I told him that he would never ever be able to take a game in SC2 off me. My conditions were simple, he starts playing the game and can challenge me at any point he sees fit and if he loses or quits he has to buy me a beer. Well, my uncle INSISTED to make it more exiting. So after a lot of back and forth we arrived at this, one year from now, in the week before Xmas, we're going to play 7 games, one on each of the then current ladder maps on the live patch with normal settings, and the one who wins more maps wins 500€. Considering that I'm a relatively stable M1 player, who made GM a couple of times and that he never really played videos games and is in his 50ies I doubt that this is going to be a challenge. Probably going to use the money to invite everyone to dinner.


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