Serious balance suggestions for TvP

starcraft 10 - Serious balance suggestions for TvP

the recent results in weekend tournaments like the super tournament which happened on the current balance patch still suggest terran is in a bit of trouble in the TvP matchup. and these results come in after blizzard has already tried to address this MU in some way with both the upgrade timing nerf and increasing the thor range. so instead i want to discuss some other possible changes that are a bit more impactful. others have already frequently suggested adding permanent cloaking on burrowed widow mines back, but since i think blizzard is unlikely to do this change because at the same time a lot of people also strongly oppose it, i want to throw some other ideas out to discuss:

  • Widow Mine Splash damage +shield bonus increased from +25 to +40

  • Liberator Concord Cannon damage changed from 75 to 85.

these were 2 nerfs that were done in 2017 to reduce terran midgame strength in TvP and make liberator harassment worse. however since this is exactly where terran used to have an advantage and is now lacking in, this could be a good time to revert it. what i like about this is that it doesn't affect widow mine drops against probes, and that it's so targeted to tvp because if i remember correctly the only interaction it changed in tvz was when you have +2 range attack, liberators one shot infestors instead of leaving them with very low hp.

so this would open up the potential for a bit of liberator harass in the early game again and make bio+wm+liberator compositions in the mid game being able to compete with gateway styles more closely.


other ideas i had instead of doing the changes mentioned above was increasing mule harvest amount or nerfing chronoboost a bit. i like these ideas a bit less since they would affect all 3 matchups instead of just TvP and i'm also not sure on the exact values that should be made. and just to make this clear, i'm not suggesting to do all of these changes at the same time, i'm saying buff the wm splash vs shields+liberator damage OR buff the mule OR nerf chronoboost. i think all of those address what the core issue in the matchup is, which in my opinion is that protoss is very hard to slow down at all while you're gearing up for a macro game yourself, causing them to take a very early third, getting an economic lead and then running away with the advantage they gained either into a strong lategame position or a mass gateway focused attack. i actually believe lategame TvP itself is in a more balanced spot than it's been in a very long time now that tempests and disruptors are much weaker. the problem is more that they can get there in a way more comfortable position that they used to if terran doesn't decide to do a 2 base allin, usually some kind of tank timing. in previous balance versions terran could do some light harass with widow mines or something else, and then be in a fine spot. i don't think you can really play that way anymore and this is where the problems in this matchup come from.

anyway, these are my suggestions on what could be done, if you like those ideas or have better ones, i think we'd all like to hear it since while there is a lot of controversy on this matchup, constructive discussion on TvP is pretty rare.

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