Side Project: SC2 with unconvential input devices (requiring help)

starcraft 7 - Side Project: SC2 with unconvential input devices (requiring help)

Hey guys, I was wondering if I could ask for a little bit of support from the community.

I've been working on a side project where I use unconventional input devices to play sc2; I've been working on it a lot – but unfortunately as a student I can't afford some tech. Right now; I don't have headphones/webcams/pedals for sc2. I really have hit a massive wall atm; since I managed to get the primary keyboard alternative input device (I’m keeping the specifics of it a secret for now), but I just can't afford 3 gaming pedals for ctrl/shift/alt (or combinations thereof since I am using thecore)

I was wondering if I could ask for a bit of community support for the pedals; I was working a part time job but I really didn’t make enough before – I barely even make enough to pay off my weekly living costs; (since I’m at university atm and due to certain factors such as mental health issues, I can’t work fulltime) and with coronavirus I don’t even have a job anymore – at least for the foreseeable future. I’m trying the hardest I can; but life keeps throwing obstacles in my way.

I honestly am struggling a lot with uni and mental health; but I think if I could just start streaming or making videos again or just finish off one side project; I would be in a much better place. It’s really hard too because; I unfortunately sometime earlier lost a lot of my devices, possessions and finances due to a circumstance with my ex-housemate so I had to build up from scratch again.

I know it’s wrong to just ask people for money (I completely understand that you guys worked really hard and used up your precious time to attain it), but I really have no other options atm and am honestly going insane. I won’t ask for much; I really just want to get the pedals; and then I’ll find a way to record myself using the input devices; and hopefully I’ll be able to find a microphone too so the sound quality isn’t so terrible.


I wish I could say that I will pay you back; but honestly; I honestly don’t even know if I can even hold down a normal job at the moment. I’ll do my best but can’t make guarantees. Sorry to just flat out ask for money; but I promise if you do help me out – I’ll post a video with my work and can even give you a shoutout if you want me to. I honestly have so many crazy and amazing ideas; but I just keep going insane because I have no means of reaching them. I applied for multiple part time jobs and even got a few; but I am just not in a good financial spot; especially with coronavirus and the events that happened with my exhousemate.

I understand that I will probably get a lot of flak for this; but please could you spare some money to donate to Emil . Smithson @ outlook . com (no spaces; I used a fake email account so I don't get flooded with hate mail) ? I’m so sorry it has come down to this and me asking for money; but I really am working hard and I really do mean to get to a stage where I can start becoming more independent; pay off my debts and start earning my own money.


As a bit of background as to who I am; I used to go by the name yjzhou (now I also go by the name chesscraft) and have appeared in numerous different sc2 youtube videos; from winter's channel to beastyqts to florencios. I honestly love the game so much; and really want to get back into streaming and making videos again. It's been a really rough time for me especially financially and socially; having lost everything in one fell swoop. But I'm trying my best to build up again; I really just need that one tiny little boost and I can start recording youtube videos again and doing my best to independently make money in spite of the numerous setbacks and obstacles in my path such as mental health, chronic health and finance.

I have so many amazing projects in mind! I really wish I could share them all with you!!! I'll tell you one them atm; I was thinking of maybe using a vr headset and a graphics tablet on top of the unconventional input devices to play some games of sc2 and record them for others to see.

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