Single Player Love Letter to SC

starcraft 4 - Single Player Love Letter to SC

This is real late, Actiblizz has been taking a lot of fire for how they're handling themselves, it kinda made me nostalgic on how much I loved Blizzard games.

To this I want to express my love towards blizzards creation. Starcraft. Initially I hated the game. I felt it was overhyped. one day a bunch of schoolmates roped me in to play random games at a cyber cafe. one of the games was SC. damn. the thing that really made my jaw drop was siege tanks. WHAT THE FUCK, IT FUCKING TRANSFORMS. siege mode. super defence. the damage was crazy. being a newbie, we had a "no attack for x minute" rule. i fortified my defences with so many sieged up tanks, thinking i would be untouchable. after the grace period was up, my friend started breaking down my defense with air units. i was shitting bricks. WHY ARENT MY TANKS SHOOTING THEM. I even ranted to my friend saying the game was problematic only to be laughed at. yes such were my noob days.

I would later pick the game to play SP. shit this game was the bomb. kerrigan was my crush and i hated mengsk for his betrayal. duran is a piece of shit. kerrigan's mind controlling of the dark templar matriarch. so many key moments to list out that made me love and hate the characters.

SC2 was released as a TRILOGY. initially i thought this was a grab for money, but blizzard assured the players it was to ensure they could EXPAND the story in depth. i trusted blizzard and you know what? the final ending is a masterpiece. A FUCKING MASTERPIECE.

when talking about game stories. one would be quick to look for RPGs. fallout 2. mass effect. funny. mass effects ending was abysmally bad. i loved bioware for KOTOR. but you know what? despite SC not being an RPG. SC delivered the BEST, the MOST SATISFYING ending in my entire gamer life.

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usually endings leave somethings open ended and that adds more charm and mystery. i really like how there were some scenes that were left open to interpretation as well as many scenes that just satisfied our curiosity. they pay off. sc, scbw, sc2trilogy. all the wars and battles fought. all the struggles. it paid off big time.

a huge KUDOS to blizzard for making this happen. i for one do not want a sc3. sure franchises can be profitable and can be milked. but to me, i liken game franchises as a work of art. part of the enjoyment is the journey to how it got to the end. and when it finally ends. you have a masterpiece. SC is one of the rare games that i will remember as a masterpiece.

blizzard is capable of producing masterpieces. its disheartening to see that their current focus is recurring revenue and profit. i have no doubt blizzard can create great mobile games or whatever. i m pretty sure they can make money of their games. but they will just be ornaments. the pinnacle of blizzard is the time back when me and my friends will get excited hearing "blizzard announced a new game". the direction blizzard had was to deliver masterpieces. it took them many years but thats what they produced and gamers loved them for it.

my regret is i could not fully support blizzard back when i was younger and could only play their games at cybercafes or such. in a way my redemption was getting collectors editions for their most recent titles. perhaps i was too late to support blizzard? perhaps things could have been different if people supported them more back in the 90s? i dont know.

what i do know is blizzard created a masterpiece called StarCraft, and i wholeheartedly thank blizzard for letting me experience it.

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