Small QoL suggestion for Queens

starcraft 9 - Small QoL suggestion for Queens

Hello fellow nerds,

this is not the first time i suggest this, however, it is the first time i made sample pictures for this.

What am i suggesting? To provide a small QoL change to queens, not affecting any of their combat stats but rather their visibility(and i guess one suggestion could free up a hotkey depending on situation and playstyle).

It's mostly about being able to check in a moment how many queens you have instead of scanning your entire vision when you lost track of your girls for whatever reason, you know, like when you make a hotkey mistake you can just hit f2, control click the units and rebind the hotkey(s). That doesnt work for queens and its kinda weird that there is no real qay to track them when you get free information about army or idle workers.

First picture is the "current situation"(ie. how to select more than one queen asap when spawning without checking all your hatches in order of placement), then i give 3 QoL Suggestions.

.) Picture one shows currently the fastest way to select multiple queens: control clicking on the notifications, granted this only works when your queens spawn within a couple of seconds to each other.


*Note that a lot of players – and as far as i can tell, pros- have this notification feature disabled, meaning the only way to select queens is to jump to ALL your hatcheries, even worse when they wander off, you accidentally unhotkey them or lose track of your creep queens in a hectic game.

  1. A queen rally point at the hatchery. YES 3 rally points for one building, yes you'll not be able to rally by clicking on the ground. maybe rally by clicking on other hatches? def a hotkey for rally required.
  2. For Quite a time now this feature has been ingame (and i assume there are still enough players out there not knowing about it): You can mouse over your supply ingame/obs/replay overlay and it shows you how many workers/army supply you have. Why not Queens too?
  3. A Select-All-Queens -button, similar to protoss Select All WarpGates button, it would have the potential to free up a hotkey, to passively display how many Queens are on the field, allow for some other hotkey fuckups (who really has perfect control?) and to be unbound by those that would not see a benefit in this/dont care about it.
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Not saying that all or any of these are needed, it's just nice to have. Thank you for your attention.

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