Solid evidence that my opponent used some form of hack

starcraft 1 - Solid evidence that my opponent used some form of hack

Hey, in this post I will cast some light on a hacker I recently met on ladder, earlier today. The point of this post is basically to shed as much light as possible on this issue and especially this player. I'm a guy who is very careful with calling out hacks on people. I never immediately jump the gun, but if you look at the replay, OR clip of my stream, then you will see that the guy I played against pulled of a bunch of shady moves. And yes, I have reported him ingame, and sent an email to blizzard, so hopefully they can add this guy on the list Links are on the bottom

Now let's get onto the details

0:40 – Probe returns back to base with 0 information

2:33 – Plants down forge after my bane nest the second he can afford it

2:55 – Builds 2 shield batteries, there is no need based on the information he has so far

3:15 – Starts building cannons (4 in total at the end of the defense)

3:26 – Starts chonoboosting out sentries, keep in mind, all the information he has so far is that I have made 2 overlords and 6 lings.

3:30 – Stops probe production

3:30 – From this point on all his attention is towards defending a baneling bust he does NOT see coming, and does not have any information of.

There are some arguments I can predict if this post gets some attention:

Q1. Hey MasterNooodle, what if he simply plays a defensive style?

A: If he would play like this, no scouting or any tech at all, then this guy wouldn't be close to 5000 mmr, he would probably dwell in gold league or something rather low, his build in this scenario has no depth. It has no transition, no power, there's no tech in his base, no proxy, no nothing. All his build order here is, is to defend a 20 drone lingbane bust, which, to nobody here's surprise, he defends pretty comfortably.

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Q2: But hey, you showed 6 lings, isn't that some kind of hint towards an aggressive build?

A: Maybe. It can be a hint, but not definite proof. It doesn't explain all the details regarding his defensive play. I would say its not out of the ordinary to make 6 lings in the early game of a ZvP. The purpose of these lings is to sneak by the standard adept. Now, I did by no means play perfect here, but if you're a protoss and see 6 lings, you cannot possibly conclude that the zerg is doing a 20 drone bane bust, unless you confirm the zerg doesn't have a third base, or you have a scouting probe out on the map confirming ling reinforcements and or bane nest. Yes it may be a hint that the zerg is doing a form of allin, but then you at least need to confirm it, people usually do this by sending a probe or adept to confirm the banes/masses of lings, and this is the point where you slap down the cannons/shieldy bois to buy time for immortals/oracles to pop out. This guy did none of this. He never confirmed the banes morphing, he never scouted my base, or reinforcements or anything. He simply builds a lot of defense for an attack he has 0 information of. He knows he doesn't need a transition/eco/tech or whatever, because I am super committed. If my attack fails, there is no chance of coming back, and he knows this based on his build order and reaction.

Link to replay (spawningtool)

Link to the beginning of the game (from my stream)

Me going through the replay:

Link to the player I'm talking about battlenet:://starcraft/profile/2/2838931330631204864

Original link

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