some stories about maru vs scarlett at WESG

starcraft 3 - some stories about maru vs scarlett at WESG

crank, korean twitch streamer as we all know, interviewed maru right after the match.

crank:hello maru


crank:well done on that match~


crank:now i'll ask this straightforward. did you know you couldve got a draw at set1?

maru:yeah i knew.

crank:did you realize that after the gg?

maru:…?no i knew that if i could get all the broods i would get the draw.

crank: ?!?!no not that. you couldve sent your bulidings at the corner and zerg couldnt make mutas or corrupters!

maru: eh?! ahhhhhh! i totally forgot about that.


maru:i mean…after i threw all my vikings, i thought to myself 'this isn't right' and my mind went blank afterwards…lol

crank: yeah about your throwing vikings away. at the last big fight you couldve just waited patiently. but you were a whole new level of throwing the fight down into hell. tell us about it.

maru:ahaha…well…i thought scarlett had no infestors left. but she had one and fungled all my vikings.

crank:yeah weren't you in a hurry (chuckle)

maru: i felt like i was wasting my time after those long fights. tried to end quickly, and i lost after all those nukes going off….. 🙁

crank: yeah and about those nukes.

it seems innovation at iem and your lategames prove that in tvz terran is more likely to win the game if you get to very lategame macro. innovation agreed on that. what's your opinion?

maru:i agree also.

crank:then there is no answer for that situation for zerg?

maru:yeah…zerg has to end before entering that stage.

crank:ok. next, about set 3. those proxy barracks you did.


like…now everyone knows when you're going to proxy. the whole "maru's proxy time whenever he gets triggered"


crank:scarlett countered that with fast zergling speed upgrade. how did you feel about it?

maru:well i thought…i fucked up. but scarlett didnt ling ling all in as i expected and i was able to recover.

(after few discussions about roach queen timing rushes with nydus)

crank:moving onto vs innovation,

you did that "maru mad triggered proxy" again and innovation casually searched and blocked it immediately. how did you feel about that?


crank:did you get triggered?

maru:well…i thought he was too harsh on me. my feelings hurt ㅠㅠ. i was just horrible that day. i regret it so much. i thoght i was going to win, but my hands didnt move as i wanted to.

crank: ok to sum things up, inno was straight raping you by the results.

maru:i was so aggressive. TY always does that and wins…but i can't..

crank:oh that strong 111 push right?


crank:any last words for fans?

maru:this year i wasnt able to go the the finals, but ill work hard next year. thanks for all the support.

and interview ends here.

I'm currently working on the subs on the league of legends 5-men ranked played by maru, sos, soO, trap, solar,

and while playing maru tells his teammates with a faint voice that he envys soO since he is in a stable and cozy positon until blizzcon.

hearing that hurt me a bit.

maru might be an amazing player, but he's just a young man.

i think too much pressure is making him depressed.

just my personal thoughts.

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