StarCraft and it’s future

starcraft 3 - StarCraft and it's future

In a wake of recent events it's difficult not to think about future of Blizzard as a company. No king rules forever, though, Starcraft seems to be eternal. It's game with arguably most reconglizable pro-scene that exists. You hear SC and you thin "korean national game", its as automatic as thinking of sour taste when seeing lemon. But what would happen if Blizz was to die? Would SC die too, or it would thrive, as somewhat separate entity with it's own dev team and self-oversight? I am no blizz fan, they have shown that consumer isn't the most important in corporate life, but…


…but this is concerning as StarCraft 2 is last big RTS multiplayer game, and with its death it is very likely that RTS genre could die for good. (at least competetively) I was raised on RTS games (WC3TFT, Spellforce 1, Armies of Exigo, AoE2) and it would be huge blow for me if the genre was to die. It represents that is the best about videogames, it forces you to learn, requires good reflexes, rewards creative thinking and outsmarting oponent, its the most engaging genre gameplay wise, also can be foundation for really awesome and unforgetable stories.

What would happen after Blizzard dissolves, or SC2 dies, and what would happen to the Real Time Strategy games in general? What are your thoughts, hopes and fears?

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