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Blizard Entertaiment October 26th, 2019 StarCrafts II Balance Update 2019 Hey everyone,

Each year, we take a step back to evaluate what improvments we could make to the game for a post-BlizCon design patch. As we come closer and closer to stability with each passing year, for 2019, we’ll be focusing more on tweaks and refinements to existing units. Some themes in this year’s patch include:

Strategicaly reducing some races late game potential to encourage greater interaction in it. Before we start, please bear in mind that this update contains many changes that we are particulary solid on and probably most of them will be included in the next balance patch after Blizcon.


We neglect the previous changes to convey the meta shift in the light of other races changes.



Supply cost increased from 2 to 4

Infested Terran energy cost increased from 25 to 50 infested Terran

mineral cost increased from 0 to 15.

We’d like to redesign the Infested Terran ability with the following goals in mind: First, to make each Infested Terran feel like more of a commitment. Secondly, we want to neglect zerg to have free late game exchanges with air armies or for harassment purposes. With increase of supply cost we feel infestor should has less massing qualities to provide more variable late game unit compositions for zerg

Our proposal is a more expensive Infested Terran that is still vulnerable to key Terran and Protoss units and abilities. With this redesign, Zerg economy should still be pretty healthy to provide late game fights and small commitments.

Neural Parasite range decreased from 9 to 6. On the theme of reducing the ranges of key late game-oriented units and abilities, we’d like to reduce the range of Neural Parasite in order to ensure that the Infestor must put itself in greater danger when casting this potentially game-ending ability.


Transfusion Ability cost Increased from 50 to 75 Decrease the Queen’s anti air range from 8 to 6. New research: Regenerative claws: Increases Queen’s on creep movement speed from 3.5 to 4.5 Requirement: Hive Research cost: 150/150. Research duration: 57 seconds.

We’d like to provide Zerg a strong, dynamic counter against air that isn’t infested terrans. We believe that unit should be the Queen as it is already close to fulfilling that role. Increasing the speed will improve it’s late game utility and moreover provide zerg with a better unit to defend late game harass. While including this change we’d like to decrease it’s overall utility by slightly increasing transfusion cost and decreasing anti-air range for the warp prism range was decreased in the patch before.


Brood Lord

Broodlord speed increased from 1.97 to 2.55 Broodling change: decreased life-span from 5.71 to 3.11

We’d like to increase main Zerg’s late game unit maneuverability while slightly changing its interaction with enemy’s ground units. So to have them stop less in front of a wall of broodlings and provide more healthy interaction.

Nydus Network

New upgrade found on the Evolution Chamber: Nidus worm Requirement: Hive. Research cost: 100/100. Research duration: 57 seconds. While we love the experimentation with Nydus Networks and Worms over this past year, we think that new approach changes its purpose giving it more late game value while decreasing the chance of early game all-in potential. Nidus network no longer includes and ability therefore it is delayed till stage of the game that dealing with it is less stressful but more impactful.

Summon Nydus Worm ability cooldown increased from 0 to 81. Receiving the feedback from the community we acknowledge the full nidus worm potential to not commit units to an attack or harassment and would like to address it with a slight nerf giving it more battlecruiser like cooldown to direct Zerg towards using multiple nidus networks.

Corruptor: Base armor decreased from 2 to 1 Caustic spray maximum damage increased from 35 to 40 Caustic spray cooldown decreased from 32 to 25

That is more of an experimental change. With corruptor being a goto unit for anti air purposes only we decided to increase it's harassment efficiency and ability to control unit overtime while balancing it with an armor change.


Health decreased from 200 to 150

With the most recent Pneumatized Carapace ugrade change we find Zerg’s opponents a bit too hard to hide any tech choices and want to provide them with ability to kill overlords a bit faster for zerg to have more commitment in scouting opponents bases.

Unit removed: Swarmhost

PROTOSS Previous changes have been neglected to see how meta will change after other design changes.

@ PS This post is a joke and does not provide any blizzard opinion on any in game situation at all. It has nothing to do with the company and is written with entertainment purposes only.

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