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Starcraft Remastered: Diplomacy 7.7 Gold anyone around?

starcraft 3 - Starcraft Remastered: Diplomacy 7.7 Gold anyone around?

I just got into Starcraft Remastered and picked up Diplomacy (gold mainly) again. I read a thread from 2 years ago that had some activity. Are there any Diplo groups (or channels) out here playing regularly? Also, to Silent_Rohm who wrote this awesome history of all the Diplo clans from 1999-2005ish — Thank you for memoralizing this. It was literally my childhood.

PS. I was a part of FoW, Royal and Mystic.

Silent_Rohm's History of Diplomacy


In 1996, an eagar young boy received his StarCraft demo, a disk that would forever change his life. Two years later, with the release of StarCraft, a world of possibilities were opened. Blizzard's new sci-fi RTS exploded and immediately shined over other games of the time.

It's 1999, and over a year has passed since the release of StarCraft. A ten year old CyTo joins a mysterious new game in the Use Map Settings category, a game by the name of Diplomacy 1.0. It was here that he met an eleven year old Thor_3 and the crazy twenty-one year old SeeFour. In no time at all, these players excelled, owning every noob they met. It was then after, that the three, along with Feruk, created Op Elite.

Throughout the year many new diplo maps were created, none of which displayed potential. But later that year, the completion of Diplomacy 5.02b would significantly change the playing field. Op Elite continued to rule in Diplomacy, but would soon recieve some competition.

In the last months of that year, a clan that still stands today was constructed. With new maps and new competition, a new clan called Soviet emerged, created by Killer and Scum. Moving into the new millinium, more diplo maps were created. Diplomacy 6.0 Gold Extra Final, and then a ver 7.0 came out four months later. The Soviets began to make their mark as they owned every one of these maps. In 2001, a new map came out, by the name of Diplomacy 7.3 Official. This map was used widely througout B.Net and set the standards as it was played for many years after. With the year coming to a close, so ended the times of the Old Diplomacy World.

In 2002, a crazy year with the release of Diplomacy 7.7 Gold, the duo of Virus and Fenix created Omega, one of the best clans of the time. With the collapse of Omega, were the creation of new clans: Clan Royal by Thor, FoW by raps and Spv, Mystic, and later a clan called Hidden-, by some new kids by the name of F-ckdis and 0ne.

That fateful year Hidden- was destroyed by Omega, and the previous leaders tried their luck with a new clan, a clan that will last forever, a clan named Silent. It did not seem as successful a clan just yet, as Silent was almost destroyed right after its creation. Channel floods to all of its backup channels completely destroyed it. With luck, however, Silent was reborn four weeks later. It had successful start then, with the help of a skilled but mysterious player Ancalagon. It was then, in 2003, that the GgG clan made the new official diplomacy map the one we know today: Diplomacy Gold 7.7 Official.

A time of peace came with the new map, but certainly it would not last. In 2004, the height of Diplomacy began. Silent became the first Diplomacy channel to ever get a Clan channel. This revolutionized the way things were done. The security would also be needed… In February, a clan called The Iron Curtain (TiC) was made. They had taken all of the best players of the previous era including Wurm, Viel, Orion, Heretic, Hero, Hax, Ana, Enfield, and Tupac. Clan FoW had also reached its height with members like Raps, Spv, Scrapper, Plague, and Nigar. This created a rift between the other less skilled clans. It was obvious that the Diplomacy World was heading to war.

In the spring of 2004, animosity towards TiC and FoW finally reached its apex. The other Diplomacy clans formed a coalition, The United Diplo Alliance, to attempt to defeat the two clans. With Silent, Soviet, Royal, Mystic, and the Soveit Rebels aligned, it seemed that they would have a clear victory against TiC and FoW. With numerous games played and many attacks, TiC and FoW had repeated victories in 1v3s, 1v4s, and even 1v6s.


Towards the end of the war, RA bses Silent, and then kills TiC, effectively ending the war. The aftermath saw the death of FoW also, whos members joined up with Mystic. But conflicts flared once again. The remaining alliance had dissolved, and gave birth to a new war. It pitted Mystic against Silent, with no clear victor, and Soviets against Royal, with a Soviet victory declared. A time of Soviet supremacy emerged, but was soon to be challenged.

New clans emerged at the latter part of the year. Clan Holy was unsuccessful as it died shortly after creation. Knights of the Round Table (LJ-) was also created. New muscle was brought into Silent with the additions of Morphine, 0pium, and Ecstasy.

A powerful new clan appeared shortly after. With the best of the best, Leginz shocked the Diplo world with outstanding sums of members, including sniper and ivian, with skill unmatched. The creation of this clan almost killed Soviet and Silent, the two mainstay clans of the time. With Leginz in complete control, the other clans once again plotted to overtake it.

The Second Diplo War was declared. A coalition of Soviet, Sov2, Silent, >T

In 2005, Leginz won, but talks concluded that a Leginz victory would destroy the Diplomacy World. Disarming Leginz would prove difficult however, with Osami and Force at odds. They eventually 1v1ed, a game that spanned three whole days. Osami won, and set the world back on track. That year, Leginz was forced to dissolve and therefore brought peace back to the Clans.

In the aftermath new unsuccessful clans were created, like Toxic, which died soon after creation. Force joins Silent after much coersion and Silent reaches its height with numerous skilled players. After a couple years it had reached the top.

It was during the years of Silent supremacy, that it all collapsed. 0ne and Force got into a disagreement, and so 0ne took his leave. Reborn soon followed him. Force later left and created Artof Clan with Hunter. At the same time, raps, with the remnants of Mystic, created the first United Kingdom at Clan GB. Silent_Jinfire had also left for a short period and created Clan German, which didn't take off. Also in the frenzy, was Shinichi's creation of Chaos as well as Jinfire's making of Spartan.

Artof was a successful clan for a time. At the leadership arose some problems however, as Force and CyTo debated over who the better one was. At long last an epic 1v1 arose. The game extended on and on, with twists and turns in both sides' favors. Finally, with Force's defeat, came his resignation. At that time he helped the new WTF> clan made by Hunter. The clan did not last as these players either went inactive or stopped playing at summer's end.

An era of mild competition and lackluster development ensued. The clans of Silent and Soviet remained powerful and everlasting it seemed. As though a generation had passed, new players had arrived, fresh blood, and above all else, more noobs. On a good note, Diplomacy had spread to USWest. Small signs of stagnation appeared slowly as one by one, people left in the fall and never returned…

Diplomacy went on, as new recruits like Silent_Tokyo, who showed promise, were gained. As her story went, she had just joined the starcraft community and started playing diplomacy. Relapse had then recruited her, "lollollol welcome to silent."

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  • Reply
    May 30, 2020 4:40 pm

    Wow… This brought back such memories… I’m glad to see my name in lights here lol. I’m CyTo

    I’ve been thinking of getting back into the game… I’ve been so busy with life as well as others I’m assuming.

    Maybe we can get something going??

  • Reply
    Oct 21, 2020 7:46 pm

    Reading this brought back so many memories! I was in lots of these clans listed and had some of my fondest memories with so many of these people.

    My old usernames were Last_Terran, Silent_terran, ArtofTerran,Soviet_Terran, i think i may have even been in wtf at the time.

    God this was a blast from the past and a pleasure to read.

    Thank you!

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