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Starcraft Remastered and the Starcraft II campaigns are on sale likely because so many people are stuck at home right now. I wanted to give you the details both on the content that's on sale as well as the content that's always free since I see a lot of people ask about it on the subreddit.

Starcraft II Free Content: All SC2 multiplayer content is free including Versus, Co-op, Custom, and Arcade. To play Ranked you have to either buy a Campaign or Warchest or you can unlock it by winning 10 Unranked or vs A.I. matches on different days. All Co-op Commanders are free to play as although their progress is capped at Level 5 with the exception of Kerrigan, Raynor, and Artanis who are all free to play without any level cap. The Wings of Liberty campaign is completely free as well as the 3-mission prologue for Legacy of the Void.

Starcraft II Sale: The Complete Campaign bundle is currently on sale at 25% off. It includes the Heart of the Swarm, Legacy of the Void, and Nova Covert Ops campaigns as well as the Karax, Swann, Vorazun, and Zagara Co-op commanders and a Ghost skin as well as unlocking Artanis in Heroes of the Storm. Bundles are dynamically discounted for any items you already own. This also unlocks Ranked play without having to win 10 matches. The Digital Deluxe version of the Campaign bundle is 33% off. Along with the normally bundled items it includes skins for the Ultralisk, Thor, Colossus, and Adept and multiple portraits and decals. It also provides Starcraft-themed cosmetics and pets in other Blizzard games such as a mount in Heroes of the Storm.


Starcraft: Brood War Free Content: All campaigns are free and you can play custom games online. So you have free access to everything that was originally available with Starcraft and the Brood War expansion.

Starcraft Remastered Sale: Starcraft Remastered is 33% off. It gives you new graphics in 4K widescreen which include new art in the campaign interludes that previously were just text. It also provides access to Ranked play with its matchmaker. Buying it unlocks unlocks three portraits in Starcraft II and gives you full access to Stukov in Co-op. Starcraft Cartooned is 20% off. You have to already own Remastered or buy them together at 28%(the same price as buying them separately). It replaces the Remastered graphics with new art from Carbot Starcrafts. The new art can replace all assets so it works in campaign and multiplayer.

There are plenty of cosmetics that aren't on sale right now including skins and announcers. There are also several other Co-op Commanders that can be purchased to remove their level caps.

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