Summary of TvP Balance talk from ThePylonShow E43

starcraft 8 - Summary of TvP Balance talk from ThePylonShow E43

ThePylonShow from today did a fantastic job of covering why the TvP matchup is the way it is atm.

First of all, they said this last, but the current map pool favours Protoss as they are larger and easier for Protoss to take an earlier 3rd base. These larger maps make it harder for Terran to push in the early games. This is something to be considered going into the current meta of TvP.

TvP Balance is actually quite even from a data standpoint, but the matchup is very heavily skewed due to Terran 2-base all-ins being very good against Protoss (you can see this through the data being put on this subreddit where Terran would have a huge win-rate spike around 9 minute mark). And the main discussion revolved around this subject.

One of the main reasons that Terrans, especially in the higher ratings, are doing 2-base all-ins every single TvP is that it just works the best. There aren't a lot of options when a Protoss gets an early 3rd at 4 min mark. There's literally nothing that would straight up kill Protoss for taking that early 3rd coming from Terran. Compare this to other matchups, literally anything but TvP, the lack of options is staggering. This leads to a boring metagame with obviously a toxic community built around the topic as Terran players would complain, 'we don't have options,' and Protoss players would complain, 'Terran 2-base all-ins are too strong, stop complaining about balance'.


The main unit in question was Widow Mines. The consensus of the discussion was that Widow Mines were unnecessarily nerfed and it made Terran's midgame very stagnant. Everyone agreed that reverting Widow Mines back to where they were would give Terran more options AND make their midgame more fun to play and watch.

They also discussed the current state of decision-making in TvP. TvP atm is a game of rock, paper, scissors, aka pure luck. There is almost no window for good decision-making to be rewarded as blindly going into a certain strategy would decide the outcome of the game. For instance, if Terran went with a Raven opener and Protoss went Colossi opener, Terran would most likely win the game. If Terran went for a Raven opener and Protoss went Chargelots, Protoss would most likely win the game. There aren't much window to scout and make decisions based on the information.

So, basically to sum up, the SC2 balance team at Blizzard has absolutely no clue what they're doing. The Forge/Core upgrade changes would only make the Terran's 2-base all-ins even stronger and make the matchup even less engaging and perhaps even more imbalanced.

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