Suspicious Player Touring the NA Ladder

starcraft 5 - Suspicious Player Touring the NA Ladder

Hello Guys, please keep an open mind when you view these games there are numerous occasions of suspicious plays that point to hacking. I will go over each game briefly in case you missed some details.

Game 1: This game was a very quick game and within itself does do display enough evidence. But it still provides a lot of useful information about this person's gameplay. No SCV scout, No reaper scout. As a reaction to my proxy, he goes blind tech lab (concussive)/bunker/CC on high ground. After he blindly crushes the proxy he proceeds to move his units directly to the gateway. The game from this point is over and my all-in attack fails miserably.

Game 2: Barcode opens totally different this game despite still not scouting with a reaper or SCV. Reactor this game a CC on the low ground and no random ass bunker. The SCV turning back right as my probe does on the minimap is a little weird but slightly understandable even though the timing is so precise. The game progresses and he ends up going for a widow mine drop. His medivac dodges my units across the map and almost goes right over my obs but he turns completely around before I get a clear sight of it. After his drop, he continues to do damage with his Libs (Also shooting my obs down in the base very quickly, again understandable but still something). I'm behind at this point and I decide to pressure his 3rd base. I push out with my army and just before my army gets to his third he begins to prepare by sieging his lib and spreading his units with zero vision. He proceeds to instantly shot my obs when it gets there and prepares a blind siege tank and bio in his main for the warp prism he doesn't see. I decide I cant attack so shift my army to his 2nd, at this point he moves his whole army and sieges it towards the 2nd. After attacking into him I have lost the game and Barcode pushes across the map and kills me.

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Any of these things within themselves are coincidences but his style of plays to me at least proves something wrong is going on here. He doesn't scout, has no map vision, prepares for drops, finds proxies, perfect army position, dodges obs.

Either this guy is Maru touring the NA ladder or he's a hacker, you pick.

Just to let you guys know this guy leaves almost all of his looses instantly. This is also not a rage post or anything this is my off-race I just find this extremely odd and felt like it needed to be pointed out.

His B: Net Profile:

There was also another thread of another player who played this SAME person.

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