The Hivemind has spoken: Reddit’s GSL Super Tournament Vote Results

starcraft 5 - The Hivemind has spoken: Reddit's GSL Super Tournament Vote Results

Good afternoon, Starcraft. I hope you are all as pumped as I am about the 2019 GSL Super Tournament 1 that will be starting in a little over one short hour!

Yesterday, I released a Super Tournament bracket into the wild. You guys made your picks for the this week's big tourney. I'm pleased to present to you the full results of yesterday's voting!

After over 500 voters submitting picks for every roung,
1yuAhKj - The Hivemind has spoken: Reddit's GSL Super Tournament Vote Results

here is the final bracket we have collectively predicted See my match-by-match breakdowns (with vote totals) below. I'll also be keeping tabs on the tourney on my
CreightonOlsen - The Hivemind has spoken: Reddit's GSL Super Tournament Vote Results
twitter all week in the studio – feel free to hit me up with questions or requests!

Note that the Round of 16 votes are calculated head-to-head, while all subsequent results are aggregates, in which the player who received the most total votes for that round was declared the victor in their matchup.

Round of 16 – Day 1

  • (T) Maru vs. (P) Stats

This match ended up less competitive than I thought. Right now, the poll has Maru barely edging out Stats 58% to 42%. Our poll was much more lopsided, with a 403-138 (roughly 75/25) win for Maru. These guys met in the 2018 GSL Season 1 Grand Finals, and Maru took the win, four maps to two. Assuming that our votes are representative of final map score, (statisticians, don't @ me) our predictions seem to suggest he'll sweep through with roughly the same scores.

  • (T) GuMiho vs. (Z) Dark

With a vote total of 441-90 and a 71/29 prediction, Dark is a clear forum fan favorite. Given his strong performances for the last god-knows-how-many GSL events, It's no surprise that we're all pulling for the charismatic, friendly-BM Zerg here.

  • (P) Hurricane vs. (Z) Rogue

Poor Hurricane. Garnering only 11 votes to Rogue's 513, both Reddit and TL are confident in the demise of the scrappy Hurricane. Given these odds, he'll be lucky to take a map. Better luck with your pool in GSL Season 2, buddy.

  • (P) Parting vs. (Z) RagnaroK

With the vote balanced on a knife's edge, PartingBigBoy has edged out his zerg opponent with a final vote tally of 313-217. During my analysis last night, RagnaroK had a comfortable lead against the 'Toss with the sweet glasses, but later voting swept Parting into a comfortable lead here. On TL, RagnaroK still has a lead in the voting though, so hopefully, this matchup takes us to a game 5. Fun fact: I sat next to Parting's girlfriend during the last GSL match he played. She was super supportive, cheered loudly the whole time, kept hyping him on twitter during his matches, and even bought him a coffee. Good for him – he seems like a nice dude.

Round of 16 – Day 2

  • (Z) Solar vs. (P) sOs

No need to call for help – our boy sOs wins this matchup with a comfortable 400-128 lead. Solar's elimination would mean he is the first zerg player knocked out of the tourney, and the right side of the bracket is already not very diverse. As someone who rarely plays Protoss, I'm hoping that the matches on Friday won't be a total snooze-fest. Fingers crossed.

  • (P) Dear vs. (P) Zest

Our first PvP of the Round of 16, and the fans seem to agree – Zest is, in fact, best. With a final vote tally of 169-358, Dear fans will just have to wait for GSL season 2 for their boy to shine. However, let's not forget Zest's humiliating 4-0 defeat at the hands of Maru in 2018 GSL season 2, and his 2019 Ro32 defeat this previous GSL. Is Zestyboi finally turning stale?

  • (P) herO vs. (P) Patience

Reddit is clearly holding out for a herO 'till the end of time – 421-102. Both players went down in the Ro16 last GSL: maybe we have been subliminally influenced to vote for herO by the comic book motif of this tournament? What does Patience have to do to earn a little respect with the foreign fans? Besides, you know, place at a major tournament any time in the last two years…

  • (Z) soO vs. (P) Classic

Maybe it's fatigue. Maybe it's disappointment. Maybe it's Maybelline. For some reason, our handsomest, chinniest Protoss player just did not catch a break in this voting. The final Friday night match is the closest in all of our voting pool, with soO edging out Classic with a score of 278-242 (at time of writing). As an unabashed Maru fan without a dog in this fight, I'll just say that as long as we see a game 5 here, I think the fans are definite winners.

Round of 8 – Day 3 * (T) Maru vs. (Z) Dark

Here's where things get a little more nebulous, as votes are now tallied in the aggregate rather than head-to-head. Heck, these matches might not even happen. But when comparing their total Round of 8 votes, everyone's favorite five-foot-nothin' Terran takes out Dark, 315-94. Interestingly though, Maru is NOT Reddit's most favored Ro8 candidate. Stay tuned to see who it is after the break.

  • (Z) Rogue vs. (P) Parting

It's Rogue. Far and away, Rogue is most favored to win the Round of 8. With a vote total of 465-29, the only GSL player with a World of Warcraft crossover name has stolen our hearts. Not much to say here with such a highly uneven matchup. Hopefully Parting's awesome girlfriend can ease his pain with some coffee and twitter support. 🙂

  • (Z) sOs vs. (P) Zest

The citrus finally sours here, as Zest is taken down by sOs with a final score of 254-154. Godspeed, Zest. You'll always be sweet in our hearts.

  • (Z) soO vs. (P) herO

You may notice a trend here. Only five Zerg players qualify, but two of them make it all the way to the round of 4. The recent talk of the different tournament styles favoring different races may be incited by soO moving forward here against herO. Voters agree that Zerg could stomp here, with a final vote tally of 232-68.

Semifinals – Day 4

  • (T) Maru vs. (Z) Rogue

In the community voting, Rogue's run ends here. Maru garnered 273 votes to Rogues 99, rocketing the reigning champ (and dare I say bonjwa?) into the Grand Final. But Rogue is no slouch, and my gut tells me that if this series happens, it could be a total coinflip. Either way, I can't wait to see how things unfold.

  • (P) sOs vs. (Z) soO

In a nail-bitingly close 164-112 vote, soO takes a slim victory over sOs in the reader poll. All I have to say about this matchup is this: Thank god Tasteless and Artosis are pro casters. With the similarities of these two players' names, I'm really happy I don't have to tell them apart on screen.

Grand Finals – Day 4

  • (T) Maru vs. (Z) soO

Don't read into this too much, starcraft. Sure, our predictions have Maru winning, with a huge 201 voters who think that he'll come out on top, no matter who his finals opponent is. However, soO didn't get second place in the aggregate votes in this matchup. He didn't get third either. As far as aggregate votes go, Reddit seems to think that soO is FIFTH-most likely to win the whole thing. Going by votes for a champion alone, the order of preference for our champion is:

  • (T) Maru – 201
  • (Z) Rogue – 59
  • (P) sOs – 48
  • (P) Stats – 43
  • (P) soO – 43
  • (Z) Dark – 41
  • (P) Classic – 31
  • (P) Zest – 9
  • (P) herO – 8
  • (Z) Solar – 6
  • (P) PartinG – 5
  • (T) GumiHo – 3
  • (P) Patience – 2
  • (P) Hurricane – 1
  • (P) Dear – 1
  • (Z) RagnaroK – 0 🙁

So there you have it. We did it, Reddit! I'm sure that our bracket will be exactly correct and there will be no unexpected upsets, crazy comebacks, or magical moments. Let me know your thoughts, and we'll have to revisit on Sunday night!

TL;DR – Maru is basically like what happens if Goku fucked Wonder Woman and the baby was blessed by the Space Pope and trained by John Cena. No seriously, I put a lot of work into this; read it, you lazy shit. <3

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