The Joy of Random

starcraft 10 - The Joy of Random

Yesterday, while playing Zerg (my worst race), something hit me: I love playing every race. Like, a lot. They have such distinct flavours that it's almost like playing a completely different game, which I love.

Then, when I started thinking about it, I realised some other things. Playing random has helped me with Ladder Anxiety. Now, because I'm not emotionally invested in a single race which I should theoretically kick ass in, I can sit back and just enjoy the mechanics of playing Starcraft. So much better.

Switching to random has definitely made me a worse player in specifics (my protoss has gone a bit downhill), but a better player in general.

It feels like a whole world of depth has opened up to me. It's exciting to learn other races and to switch it up when you struggle with one. I never thought I'd be this into playing random.


There's one big downside I can see- Because you're constantly switching builds and playstyles and matchups, you can't really settle into a groove like when you just main one race. It's also more difficult to learn from your mistakes, since you can't always play the same race again and try to fix it.

{I'm high gold, btw, so if random players can give me tips on what made them better playing random, that would be great.}

But, oh dear, is it more fun. I'm loving the game more than ever. I'm enjoying watching other races being played by pro's more than ever. Not being chained to one race is liberating and exciting and brilliant.

Sounds like I'm coming out as polyamorous. XD

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