The state of this god damn subreddit

starcraft 2 - The state of this god damn subreddit

Mods banned memes here (basicaly, as the rules set to post memes are so ridiculous nothing viable will get through) for a reason, they wanted healthy discussion and the subreddit not to die.

But as people on the Pylon Show discussed for hours, the way to get there on a subreddit this small is not to ban memes.

Lets look at what is happening now. A lot of balance whine posts. Now, lets not discuss wheather there is any merit to the complains, people are entitled to discuss whatever they want, even the notorious "terran whine" has a place here. But we have to take care not to have a circlejerk here. As a zerg player, I feel really unwelcome in any discussion. As someone who understands statistics, I feel really unwelcome in any discussion. Any view on the subject not liked by the terran masses gets downvoted, and because of how downvotes work, noone will see it.

This subreddit is a place for what, exactly? Even during IEM, the content here sucked. Someone tried to make a game recommendation thread for each day, it never got upvoted and barely had any comments. Because of a hate of spoilers (why are you going to a subreddit if you are not up to date with the tournament… my lord) there were barely any discussions about the games or highlights from the games. What is the content we want here? Balance whine? Surely not… And for gameplay related posts, we have
allthingsprotoss - The state of this god damn subreddit

r/allthingszerg and
AllThingsTerran - The state of this god damn subreddit

Why are memes banned here when circlejerking posts about ONE tournament being won by zerg (yeah, again) are flooding it here. The discussion under any such thread is just mudslinging and its not going anywhere. Is this the dream content the mods want here? Mudslinging discussions?

And actualy, the ones that start as a meme are the best ones from here! The one with Thanos balancing, the one with 100% 2020 winrate of zerg… People seem to have no problem having discussions even under picture posts, the ones you hate so much mods.


The funny thing I find is that notorious people like
Nathanias - The state of this god damn subreddit

can have a much better discussion with me than most of the people around here. He actualy had ideas on how to buff Terran and how to nerf Zerg in an interesting way and could talk about it on here. But was that relevant and pleasant discussion upvoted? Nope… the top voted stuff is circlejerked variation on "Zerg too good, terran too weak" and any attempts at disputing that (starting a discussion) just gets downvoted instead of discussed.

I want to mention one last thing. In the guide to what is allowed and what is not, Cold is the Void stalker was in discretion zone. That was the top post for years on this subredit. So now, mods are saying the TOP POST FOR SEVERAL YEARS can just outright get removed because its not "high effort enough". What is high effort anyway, what if it took me several hours to polish the joke? But if I paing a chad and virgin in MS Paint, maybe add zealot hands or something…. that counts as high effort because its original art. Even though the joke I put on there might suck horribly. And it could have taken 2 minutes to make. Its
r/gatekeeping, people cannot post jokes here if they are not good enough artists.

If a point of this sub now is to scream about spoilers at anyone posting anything during a tournament and for a balance whine mudslinging shitfest after the tournament, with little to no discussion and NO MODERATION AT ALL (too busy removing memes I guess), then this sub is on the way to the toilet.

EDIT: Rifkin got banned but throwawayaccount69 is still here and trolling, even though he is so notorious everyone on the Pylon Show knew him. Nice job there, mods.

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