There needs to be a real discussion about the mechanical difficulty of protoss.

starcraft 8 - There needs to be a real discussion about the mechanical difficulty of protoss.

Now, i know you're ready to downvote, but hear me out for a second (scroll down to the evidence if you don't want to read everything immediately).

I'm a GM terran player, i try not to whine about balance because i know it doesn't affect even me in GM, i believe balance really ultimately doesnt decide games until the extreme extreme level (aka serral, dark, maru etc).

However there is one thing that i really take quite an issue with, and it's the difficulty of protoss.

I'll start with something that may not be obvious, at this point at starcraft 2s age, the game is very very well figured out, the overarching decisions and most powerful gameplans are so mapped out at this point that most of the differentiating factors between players are based on the mechanics and the execution of these gameplans. That's my first point, that major decisions and gameplans are figured out and then what's left is merely execution and mechanical skill.

Now here's my second point, i believe protoss is simply put, mechanically easier than the other 2 races. Lets have a look at why i believe that:

Terran(bio) and zerg clearly require supreme mechanical skill, injecting, creep spreading, splitting and microing engagements, muling, dropping and harassing, many stages of the game with different unit compositions which are each difficult to control.

Now that's obvious. starcraft 2 is a hard game, no one denies that terran and zerg are hard, they just are. But lets have a look at what protoss has to do mechanically:

Make probes every so often, warpin (rapidfire helps this a looooooooot), chrono every now and then (definitely very important early game, but falls off really fast in importance). Micro spellcasters (this is definitely the hardest part of protoss, i'll give them that), micro warprism (quite rare)……. and i'm struggling to find out what else.

Now to me, that sounds like there's quite a bit more to do for the terran and zerg side.

There's also the thing of well, what are the most powerful core units of protoss, it's archons, zealots, and immortals right? notice one thing about them? well, they don't really require much micro to make work, they also require micro from the other side to effectively deal with them, this is, put simply, an imbalance of actions and attention. The protoss (basically) amoves and the terran and zerg have to frantically kite and micro against these units.


So what evidence do i have for this, is it pure conjecture, is it just my opinion? Well here's something interesting; Almost all progamers have a better protoss offrace than the other race, and all protoss players have relatively weak offraces (with a couple exceptions).


Lambo: 6k with protoss, 5.7k with terran

Reynor: 6.4k with protoss, 5.8k with terran (reynor just beat multiple pros with his protoss offrace today, taking 2 games off clem (7k terran) and beating denver (6.7k zerg)

scarlett: 6.4k-6.5k with protoss, terran unknown, but definitely not nearly as high

clem: 6.3k with protoss, 5.6k with zerg

soul: 6.1k with protoss, ~5.6k with zerg

denver: 5.9k with protoss, 5.6k with terran

Aqueron: 6.2k-6.3k with his main terran, 5.7k with protoss, 5.1k with zerg

Well maybe people just like offracing with protoss and play more with it than terran / zerg, well lets look at protoss pros offrace(the people who do play offrace, there's not a lot):

Harstem : 5.3k with zerg, 5k with terran

hellraiser : 5.1k with zerg, 5.3k with terran

geralt: 6.4k with protoss (his main). 4.9k with terran, 4.9k with zerg

Krystianer: 6.3k-6.4k with protoss(his main), 4.7k with zerg, terran similar

There's also the thing of, why has no one switched to zerg or terran and had success? Neeb switched to protoss, classic switched to protoss, scarlett almost switched to protoss at one point, raze switched to protoss (weak example but there's not a lot of people who have switched to be fair).

I don't know guys, i don't like to be biased (hehe terran whiner xDDDD) but it's hard not to draw conclusions from this sort of level of evidence. I dont know, what do you guys think?

(also sorry for the ramble and poor formatting / english, it's not my native language)

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