Thoughts on iNcontroL: WCS Winter Finals

starcraft 6 - Thoughts on iNcontroL: WCS Winter Finals

Yesterday there was a lot of controversy regarding iNcontroL and his casting with ZG at the WCS Winter Finals. Geoff has been known for multiple styles of casting, from his professional WCS style, his humorous style of Homestory Cup, but also for an oppressive style that has been poked at before. But there should be some light brought to the situation yesterday regarding his position as a personality, a caster, and a person.

First iNcontroL is a very passionate Starcraft personality. He streams multi-hour ladder sessions frequently, hosts the Pylon show with Artosis, and has been contributing for the entirety of Starcraft 2's lifespan. He believes that the scene is growing even with the recent condition of Blizzard Activision, and wants the best for it. However with passion comes emotion.

Geoff has a very "forward" personality that no other casters share. He will be blunt, honest, and sometimes even crass with his casts. It makes for a very interesting, different, but most importantly relatable style of casting. Starcraft is a very antagonistic 1v1 game where its one person that comes out on top. There are many enemies on the ladder, and iNcontroL embraces that. His personality reflects the game as a whole. Honestly it's even in his game play where he cannon rushes and uses DTs at a GM level. In all of his casts and games he shows this by being honest, satirical, and observant of the players, co-casters, and production. This honesty shouldn't be shunned, avoided, and destroyed. It should embraced. In a sense, Geoff is Starcraft.


Second, feardragon is another caster that has been on the recieving end of iNcontroL's casting style. Primarily in 2018 the community considered feardragon oppressed by Geoff's casting and received a poor wrap from the community. It has been sorted out by both of them that they have talked about it before. Geoff has previously stated that he does poke and prod, but behind the scenes he knows that if the other caster is uncomfortable enough to approach him about it he would stop. I'm sure that behind the scenes with ZG they would have talked about it, and if not it shows that Geoff is listening to the community because he has been more respectful to casting Serral v. Reynor with a more toned down style.

Also to note Geoff is a human being behind the monitor and in front of the camera. He has good days and worse days. It could've been that he had one of the latter, especially with a unconventional FFA that lasted over 35 minutes before the finals. He puts himself out there as a job and a career, and is subject to discussion and controversy. On the Pylon Show he's even stated an interest in stand up comedy, a job which is based solely on judgement of an audience. He should be given chances to be forgiven and redeem himself , considering everything he has done for the community.

Browsing Reddit and some streams yesterday, I saw iNcontroL getting a lot of flak in chats, with people stating that they hate and despise him. Overall I don't think that one day at the offices should be a reason for this. I hope that this thread sheds some light on an questionable stream. At the end of the day, Geoff, ZG, and feardragon all browse the community and can add, take away or reveal from these thoughts. But I guarantee you that iNcontroL will continue to be the person he wants to be, grow and change from day to day, and be the best version of himself for himself and the game that he loves.

TLDR: iNcontrol had a strange cast yesterday, give the guy a chance.

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