[UK] The next Epic.LAN is this February 2019!

starcraft 5 - [UK] The next Epic.LAN is this February 2019!

This February 7th-10th, Epic.26 will occur once again in Kettering, UK. This is a grassroots bring your own computer (BYOC) event that occurs 3 times a year and holds multiple esports tournaments including SC2.

Prize pool depends on tournament signups, but is usually £500/£750. The tournament occurs on the Friday 8th, so the day before is there for people to hang out and practice.

The site is here

And details about the coming event is here:

Come along play some SC2 and hang out with the UK SC2 community – it was great to see new and returning faces at the last one! There's plenty of other things to do such as drinking at the venue bar, getting food together (pizza/nandos/etc), play in the included squah facilities, smash the gym, do the pubquiz/RockBand sessions, etc.


Be sure to sit in the bottom right corner of the Arena as that is where the SC2 people will aim to sit at. If you have teammates/friends coming along, be sure to use the same clan tag set on your Epic.LAN account. Alternatively you can use the 'UKSC2' clantag if you're teamless and/or looking to sit with other starcraft people with the same tag. The clantags on their site keeps you sat together with others with the same tag. Any issues you can always go to the Epic.LAN discord for help (

There are usually volunteering opportunities for Epic events, as far as I know there should be already one caster to cover the SC2, so if you'd like to co-cast the tournament or if have any questions you can contact the admin of the SC2 tournament via Discord (Mattscoo#6231). In addition, a dedicated PC for casting is likely to be provided by the admin.

If you have any questions then just leave them below. If you can't attend there is usually a tournament stream for it linked below, the competition starts from the 8th-10th Feb

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