Upcoming DreamHack events in 2019

starcraft 1 - Upcoming DreamHack events in 2019

Leipzig 15.-17.2.

Dallas 31.5.-2.6.

Valencia 4.-7.7.

Montreal 6.-8.9.

Amount of currently announced events seems similar to last year. If we would get SC2 at another event, only Rio 19.-21.4. would not be in same month with other announced events and could have time to have challenger before and after it. However, I don't know how big is South American and specially Brazilian SC2 scene. Event attendance numbers matter and events can't rely on online viewership. If we lost an event, it would probably be Valencia( based on schedule), but then there would not be 2 events for NA and 2 for EU. So, if we don't get a non-DreamHack, we probably get 4 events listed above.


Another thing to notice is that Montreal and Valencia are missing their pages. This could be one of the reasons why WCS 2019 announcement is late, but I don't know if the pages where available for 2018 before last WCS announcement. Also another thing to remember is that we got confirmation for 2017 and 2018 at same time. DreamHack probably wants to another 2 year deal for stability, and if Blizzard is cutting things down, then they would probably want one year deal to have possibility to cut more after next year.

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