WCS 2019 and onward

starcraft 1 - WCS 2019 and onward

Reading through comments about speculation about what wcs would be like 2019. I just have some thoughts after spending working for some corporation in america.

  1. For corporations, long term profits is the utmost factor to be considered whenever they make business decisions. Yes we have some good CEO who really has passions about other things. But in the end it must protect the interest of all the stakeholders in the company. Investing something which create smaller and smaller marginal utility over time will not something ideal they would consider do.
  2. Like they say when they end the hots championship, they want to have sustainable budgets to support other games in the long-run. And sc2 is not an exception.
  3. The good news is sc2 viewership is growing and i don't think in the short run blizzard is gonna cut off support for GSL and WCS since starcraft is like the soul of blizzard from beginning. It make blizzard one of the best game company in the world. I think cutting off support for gsl and wcs would be symbolizing the decline of blizzard and its reputation in the game market, which is not something they want to do especially for the stockholders. Right now blizzard stock drops 30% since the last couple of months.
  4. However, in the next 3 or 4 years as new game is coming out, they would need to devote the money and time to grow the popularity the those new games. The scenario that sc2 might not have any major tournament like wcs or gsl is not something unlikely to happen. I think blizzard still support the game to some extent but will much and much smaller prize pool than that.

I think the scary part is it would affect pro players. Pro players after spending years and years in which they could have spent to go to college suddenly become unemployed. It is quite tough but possible to start a new career at 27 28.

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That day might come and we should prepare for that. Yes it would be something VERY DEPRESSING TO HAPPEN TO thousands of viewiers and pro players. But life moves on. So now we should be MENTALLY PREPARED FOR that

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