What do you think of my ideas for a 5.0 patch?

starcraft 3 - What do you think of my ideas for a 5.0 patch?

First of all don't take this seriously. I was just bored and had some time on my hands so I nerded out and did some imaginary patchnotes. Would love to share my ideas and what someone thinks about them (I apologize for my 4th grade spelling. Not a english speaker)

My goal is to fix the problems in the matchups and change meta to more what Artosis was talking to in his last podcast.

pvz: give zergs more tech options by making lair quicker. buff protoss lategame pvz so they don't need to go all in every game nerf protoss robo timings/allins

pvt: make it so less of the matchup comes down to luck(widow mine drops for example) or decisive timings make terran eco stronger and make terran timings weaker

tvz: pretty good as it is, would love to bring back muta ling tho somehow

I know these changes would be to much for the game but would love to shake the game up a bit So here are my changes. Patch/ideas 5.0

…………………… TERRAN ………………………………………


  • Interference Matrix increased cost to 75 from 50

heard people suggest this as a way to nerf 2 base terran pushes


  • Damage(and bonus) and supply reduced in half so new is 60 dmg and 20 splash 1 supply

  • health reduced to 60 from 90 -same cost but 2 spawn per build -widowmine alerts while attacking

makes widowmine drops weaker because it would not oneshot probes and takes longer to unload 8 rather then 4. gives mines other utilities tho for mapcontrol/vision maybe

Ghost academy

  • nuke cost increased to 50/200 from 100/100

nerf for tvz lategame? does not need much imo


  • splash changed back to hots Medivac

  • cant boost with massive units inside (so only thors) this combined with thor and

spire change should offset terran eco buffs by making mutas viable?


  • while upgrading a commandcenter it is now possible to build scvs

    huge buff to terran eco. basically 2 more scvs per upgrade


  • build time increased by 2 sec (bring back bunker change meta!)
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……………………. PROTOSS………………………………………


warp prism gets replaced with shuttle

  • cost 150 minerals, supply of 1 same health as warp prism

  • can pick up 4 units and have a speed of a muta?, pickup range of 3

  • either- gets produced from stargate

  • or- can't pickup robotics bay units without upgrade

quick transport unit that can be used for harass, would be possible to deal with. huge nerf to robo all ins. would need pylon for reinforcements.

Sentry Sentry's Guardian shield replaced by Shield Guardian

  • Templar archives upgrade

  • deploys a 45 health shield on templar/archon for 3 seconds, cost 100 energy

  • A sentry can now sacrifice it self to a nexus charging it for 10 seconds like the mothership core did

i just liked mothership as defensive unit. photon overcharge defensively to be better vs terran all ins?


  • feedback ranged increased by 1

i was thinking of a way to deal with infestor broods as toss. would this work combined with sentry shield?


  • after time runs out there is a 0.5 sec delay before detonation it just

tilts me to much as a terran tbh

……………………….. ZERG……………………………………..


  • cost reduced to 100/100 from 150/100

  • upgrade time reduced to 35 sec from 57

more tech options for zerg


  • build time increased to 66 sec from 36 sec(to offset lair buff)

dont want 2:50 nydus please


  • cost reduced to 100/100

  • greater spire cost and upgrade time increased to 100/350 and 130 sec from 100/150 70sec

bring back muta. And make it more of a cost to go into broods pvz


  • infested terrans is on a cooldown of 15 sec

pvz lategame change?

so if you made it so far, what do you think? how much did i mess up the game? something positive in this garbage?

TLDR: Just skip it tbh, not worth your time if you are not super bored

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