What has The Pylon Show brought to this community?

starcraft 10 - What has The Pylon Show brought to this community?

The Pylon Show turns 1 this evening! It's had a strong impact on the Starcraft community and not just by proving that Artosis can keep a show going for more than 4 episodes! From theoretical questions of life as a sentient food item to genuinely emotional moments, this Starcraft talk show has given us hours of entertainment. Here are a few things that come to mind when I consider what The Pylon Show has provided us:

  1. An optimal platform for community figures to explain their positions: In the Starcraft community we have several streamers and event organizers who have found themselves entangled in "drama". Whether an angry reply in a live chat, a hastily composed Tweet, or a Reddit thread that got out of control, drama is hard to address without just throwing more fuel on the fire. The Pylon Show provides community figures with a chance to make an appearance after tempers have cooled a bit and gives them an opportunity to share their side of the story with Artosis and iNcontroL there to help guide the conversation. It's a friendly environment where everyone can share their thoughts and possibly even have a laugh about how ridiculously a situation can escalate in the world of social media.
  2. A venue to promote smaller events: This Week in Starcraft can take some time to get through but it is a fantastic tool for organizers to promote events that might otherwise be overlooked. This helps attract more participants and more viewers, not to mention putting the Matcherino codes out there.
  3. A credible source of news and opinions: The Pylon Show has done an amazing job of not shying away from difficult subjects. We've seen some very genuine shows of emotion with TotalBiscuit's passing, the ongoing challenges of the region lock, and the cuts to Blizzard's esports events. They have been very open, even when it's uncomfortable or leaves them open to criticism from viewers and from Blizzard Entertainment. iNcontroL has earned a reputation for both saying things he believes need to be said and for admitting when he may have misspoken. Artosis has gone to great lengths to do his research before addressing a topic and does not hide his emotions. I've seen the opinions of a lot of Starcraft personalities be brushed off because "they only care about getting their paychecks from Blizzard" but I haven't seen any sign of that in the hosts and guests on The Pylon Show.
  4. Laughs: iNcontroL and Artosis have been playing off each other for years and their repartee benefits from this. I particularly enjoy their stories and observational humor. Sometimes things get a little low-brow but there's something there for just about any Starcraft fan. The hosts and the guests are able to play off each other with many unique styles on display from episode to episode, such as Nuero's deep, philosophical vocabulary mixed with his cartoonish facial expressions. And the hosts aren't afraid to share humorous videos about them or comically read some of the more brutal Reddit threads about their careers!
  5. Starcraft, Starcraft, and more Starcraft: We are part of a very passionate community and we love talking about Starcraft! Artosis and iNcontroL genuinely love talking about it too! So do their guests! So do the viewers who participate in the Twitch and Discord chats! So do the Patreon supporters who submit questions every week! Starcraft II and Starcraft Remastered can be enjoyed in many different ways and The Pylon Show does a wonderful job of giving attention to the different aspects of the franchise, even those that the hosts don't actively follow. The show has provided us with content that we are excited to support and be a part of.
  6. I probably missed a least a couple things. Feel free to share them in your comments.

I look forward to watching tonight's anniversary episode and then sitting back afterwards and playing some ladder matches with my favorite skins enabled for the occasion!

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