What work in TvP?

starcraft 1 - What work in TvP?

It's not a balance thread. I'm completely lost in that matchup. I believe something must work, but I realize I can't find it on my own and I need help.

I have around 4000 games played, been playing for over 6 years and I'm stuck at 23% winrate in TvP while being around 55-60% in TvT and TvZ. TvP has never been my best matchup, but I was always able to keep a 40% winrate at least. I have never been so clueless as of right now.

I tried bio, I tried mech, I tried all-inning and that got me that nice 23% winrate. I watched the latest big tournament hoping something good for TvP would come out of there, but Terrans got wrecked all over the place. Only thing that I could find was that Terran could won with solid micro, but I'm a 150-175 APM player and there is a limit to how well I can micro.

I'm frustrated because this is not fun at all. I would understand if I was bad all over the place, my MMR would just drop and I would match against worse players. But I'm winning against 4.2 MMR Terrans and Zerg and I get completely destroyed by 3.9 MMR Protoss. It's not fun, because losing that much against Protoss means I'm also not getting matched regularly against good Terran and Zerg players. Half of the time, I just overrun them and there is no challenge. Out of 10 games, I can get like 2-3 good ones against good opponents where I feel I learn something. The rest is losing against Protoss and crushing weaker Terran/Zerg players.


I'm also posting here because on AllThingsTerran, seems everybody is having issues and there is a lack of answers. I'm just hoping that collectively, we can get just something solid in general for TvP. I also think that I'm not the only Terran player in that situation.

What I'm looking for is a standard build order that can hold Protoss cheese and all-in (it's diamond ladder, there is a lot of that crap). Protoss have insane all-ins and cheese and a build order that have a blatant weakness against them is no good. I'm also looking for answers about what to do if the game goes lategame. What is the general gameplan? What is the "decision tree"? Any tricks to keep it simple? I know about going liberators/ghosts/bio/mines, but holy shit this is insane to control when you are fighting against 30 zealots who are just charging your ass.

Please no balance whine. Even in the case where the matchup was broken and it was like 45/55 in Protoss favor, I would still be able to achieve 45% winrate, not fucking 23%.

Let's see how it goes, my hope is that this thread could become some sort of reference for Terrans having issues in TvP.

Thanks in advance for everybody who contribute here!

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