Why is it that starcraft streams generally don’t have much viewer involvement?

starcraft 7 - Why is it that starcraft streams generally don't have much viewer involvement?

Let me preface this by saying I'm by no means complaining, I'm just curious as to why sc2 streams are generally less "viewer friendly" than other games.

I've been watching a lot of other rts streams. Age of empires 2, civilization, halo wars, etc. A lot of streamers will host small tournaments, viewer free for alls, community games, even if it's just once a week or something. I've noticed starcraft streams don't really do this. The most involvement I've seen is occasional subscriber replay casts, which is great of course.

It would just be cool to have a streamer who played monobattles or something with subscribers once a week, or grabbed viewers to duo with, or just try some weird custom maps, anything casual and different. I much prefer sc2 over age of empires, but god damn does that community know how to make fun, weird, and innovative maps. Most of the top aoe2 streams will regularly host community games and viewer tourneys. Not that I want sc2 streams to become a shitshow of gold league island map free for alls, but I wouldn't mind joining a community game once in awhile. It would be fun to watch something other than ladder grinding every now and again.

I have a couple guesses as to why this is the case

-People just don't want to watch that kind of thing, they come to watch good players be good. Maybe streamers have tried it in the past and didn't get good feedback

-sc2 is balanced solely around 1v1. Free for alls tend to turn into "everyone turtle until 200/200 and then the player who happened to not get attacked steamrolls the map". This happens more so in starcraft than other rts games


-the skill difference between leagues is massive. A masters player will easily win 99/100 games games against even a low diamond. I could see how this could discourage people from participating, and make it un-fun for viewers to watch. You host a casual tourney in your stream, and there's bound to be a high masters player in your stream that easily sweeps.

-Mapmakers are cranking out good 1v1 maps, not innovative and interesting arcade/team/ffa maps. Every custom map is some variation of "infinite resources no-supply workers 500 supply cap". One of the few good examples I can think of is day9 once hosted a viewer ffa on the map "chaotic arena", and it was absolutely hilarious. Highly recommend checking it out.

Anyway, I just feel like sc2 has SUCH potential to be a "lets all get together and play some weird games" kind of community. It's forever going to be a 1v1 centric game, but for fucks sake you type in "sc2 free for all" in youtube and the first video is from 2012 with 84 views.

Homestory cup is an excellent example of the kind of thing I'm referring to. I just wish I could find a stream that somewhat regularly hosts mini homestory cup events.

Anyway, I'd love to hear y'alls opinions, and please recommend some fun streams if you know of any! 😀

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