Why was Alarak the greatest Hero Blizzard ever created ? (Facts or theory, you decide.)

starcraft 10 - Why was Alarak the greatest Hero Blizzard ever created ? (Facts or theory, you decide.)

Why was Alarak the greatest Hero Blizzard ever created ?Warning english isn't my native language. There will be mistakes. I hope you get my points.(I for myself ignore the published books from blizzard. The most are over tragic and for my taste not good written. Here is an example:„Arthas defeated Kael'Thas with a kick he learned from Muradin.“A human learned a „kick“ from a „dwarf“… what for used Muradin the kick ? Goblins and Gnomes ?)

To understand that we will analyse Alarak in the games Starcraft. Alaraks first apperance is in the game „Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void“ in the mission: „Forbidden Weapon on Glacius“. Alarak make a warning shot with his „disruptor beam“ and fully introduce himself to the Templer. A liitle bit later when Artanis got kidnapped Alarak invades the spear of Adun causing no damage to the ship.Fun fact:"Alarak ports himself from the planet beneath the spear of Adun himself into the ship."When Alarak is on the ship he remains calm and the first templer attacks him without warning. Alarak didn't even pulled his blades or threatens the spear of Adun. Alarak only defends himself from the surprising attack and makes the attacker unconcious. Direct after this Vorazun attacks Alarak. Alarak surprised by this pulls his blades and defends himself again. By the power Alarak got, in a short analysis, I would realise that Alarak could kill me if he want. But Vorazun seems not to be the smartest leader. Instead of introducing themself to Alarak and hear him out they attack him. Alarak unarms her quickly and he again fully introduce himself to the others. Pretty polite from a barbaric protoss tribe like the Tal'Darim. Alarak offers to guide the Templer to Artanis but all they do is question Alarak.A short analysis for you guys so you understand the situation.The templer are with the spear of Adun, the last ship of the templer, on a enemy facility. Ulnar at the time. The enemy got their leader Artanis captured. They could use him as hostage against the spear of Adun. Alarak comes in in, only defends himselfs, introduce himself, causing no realistic damage towards anybody and offers the templer to free Artanis. And now here the clip with the biggest flex in Starcraft:

Vorazun: „You think us fools ?“

Alarak: „Yes, but that is irrelevant.“

He isn't flexing alone he's teaching Vorazun a lesson about own mind.For you a short perspective analysis about Alaraks mentality.When Alarak is speaking about efficiency or productivity he's speaking about the people they could save in this moment. Alarak isn't a hypocritic. He's concious about the words he speak and the actions he make. Every second the templer discuss anything is maybe one Tal'Darim worth living and serving Alarak. The motivations of Alarak are kinda twisted. First he wants revenge to his god. The second is the safety of his people. The safety of his people stands above anything else for Alarak. You will see it when you play the mini bonus campaign with Nova.In a nutshell:The „defenders of man“ destroys a Tal'Darim outpost with non violent Tal'Darim. Alarak takes his revenge so that the Terran don't think again about attacking the Tal'Darim. Of course you could say:„But Peace (my Nickname) Alarak let killed my 'innocent' people!“ Alarak got a brighter view upon this. For Alarak those 'innocent people' are the ressources for the defender of man. The soldiers, workers, scientists and more. Anyone of them supported the „defender of man“ so they have to die in Alaraks eyes. Because without the natural ressources the chance the defender of man will strike back is less.Of course he thought them fools. Because the templer are fools. Instead of learning and analysing Alarak, his motivations and more, they are intolerant to him just because he is a Tal'Darim and stronger than them. After the sequence when you speak with Fenix and all other NPCs the only thing they told you is not to trust Alarak because he is a Tal'Darim. There is no logic. No deeper lore. No colour hate. No just: „Do not trust the Tal'Darim.“ What are they supposed to do ? Send their warriors to suicide and maybe not find Artanis ? But no Vorazun gets only a little bit over and trust the informations of Alarak.Short analysis again just to explain the foolness here:

1 – Artanis is captured by the Tal'Darim on Unar.
2 – The Tal'Darim are there with strong forces which the templer just can't fight.
3 – The only chance to get Artanis is a traitor by the sides of the Tal'Darim.4 – The only thing they all do is prejudice Alarak by „he is a Tal'Darim“.

Templer your leader is in really great danger. And when you remember the fight „Artanis vs Zeratul“ you will remember which danger! Amon in the body of Artanis was nearly unstoppable!Sorry but the hypocricy is getting me salty.After Artnis got saved all are again mocking Alarak. They aren't mocking him because he flexes back very strong. But they are attacking him verbal. I think I'll do an analysis how delusional the templer are. But another time. Alarak as the savage he is he doesn't allow to do it to himself. It's his full right to do so. Even Artanis does not trust Alarak who was most responsable for his safety! Even Artanis. Then Alarak pulls out every register and makes Artanis an offer he couldn't stand a chance.Short analysis:Artanis is all about unite the whole protoss because the past of the protoss isn't comfor to him. Alarak as mighty as he is and templer know how mighty he is gives Artanis the oppurtinity to make the Tal'Darim kind of allies with the Tal'Darim. So Artanis is all about unite the protoss. Of course he went with Alarak!After Alarak flexed Fenix Fenix began to look for himself. To discover himself. Because Fenix wasn't Fenix. By the way Alarak flexed Fenix with truth alone and it was enough to question himself and discover himself.Alarak is advising Artanis the whole time in this campaign. He crushes everytime the delusions of freedom, free will, and more. Alarak is the whole showing us viewers how manipulative the templer are. They speak about loyalty and serving with „honour“. Here is where the theme goes to the purifiers. For you the purifiers are robotic warriors build to fight, destroy and serve. The mentality or the art inteligence in this robots are the memories of fallen champions. Artanis wanted to use the purifiers against Amon in „Starcraft 2 Legacy of the Void“. The purifiers once rebelled against the templar because this was all they did. They were a recycled copy of once mighty champions which fall in battle and were sent again on the battlefield. Of course they wouldn't fight for the templar again. Just imagine all you were build for is go fight, get destroyed, get build again, and sent again into the next battle.Artanis wanted them to fight Amon. So Artanis wanted them on the battlefield again. The only he granted them was „freedom“ after the battle. Their free will. It was a very vague statement because it didn't stated what he will give them really. And that's what Alarak tryed to explain Artanis. That he makes the same mistakes as his ancestors and that the freedom he promise them is a lie. In the end like Alarak said Artanis binds them to his will so they serve as he command.

Alarak: „Yes. But as we discussed you chose to give them freedom, hoping that they will do as you command.“

Artanis: „Do not presume to lecture me about my decisions, Tal'Darim.“

Alarak: „But I so enjoy our exchanges.“


The next major arc about Alarak happens on Slayn the homeworld of the Tal'Darim where the „death fleet“ do not attack the templar how they attacked Alarak. Alarak wants to grant the right as the top of his people by the ancient and by the Tal'Darim holy ritual the „Rak'Shir“. Alarak tolerates the tradition of his people while Artanis stands intolerant to the Tal'Darim traditions. The templar don't like Alaraks determination. His self-confidence is disturbing them because they all doubt themself. They all want him to obey their mentality. But he disobeyd like he did to Amon. Alarak knows how to defeat Amon and Ma'Lash and he leads Artanis to it. The first action he takes is to destroy the elite guard of Ma'Lash which would be a danger in the coming fight of the „Rak'Shir“. After the elimination of the guard and Alarak still not being the new Highlord Artanis is frustrated about Alarak.Little analysis:Artanis was ready to waste time to get „some purifiers“, the most of them didn't join the templer of course. But when Alarak need „time for preperation“ which is a part of the ritual of the „Rak'Shir“ Artanis is upset and let's his frustriation out on Alarak. Pure hypocricy.The templer are jealous because they aren't self-confident like Alarak. He does things for sure. He knows all scenarios and wipes out the lies, wastes, and more. He focuses himself on the important things. The templar focuses on… „idealism“ (?) I don't know. They always doubt themselves. Try to adapt the reality into their imagination and when it doesn't work they are frustrated. I really don't know their mentality.Of course Alarak „enjoys“ his victory against „Ma'Lash“. Just imagine:„You are the 'Highlord' of an elite species. You are the elite of this species. And for the last point you got the 'death fleet'. An army the whole universes fears not only because of the size but because of the strength.“ Now imagine this. „Ma'Lash“ since life times unbeaten leader of the elite species and you beat him in a one versus one. The templar couldn't join this one versus one psychonicly to power up Alarak. They only cut Ma'Lashs supporters from him. So you beat this unbroken beast of a leader. It's only natural for Alarak to be more self-confident. The only thing Fenix is speaking about before the Rak'Shir that he isn't hoping for Alarak and he is curious about what happens with Alarak when he loose the Rak'Shir.Another analysis:The only ally that can have the most dangerous armada in the universes is Alarak and he isn't hoping for him to win. Very polite of the templer, of course sarcastic.After the Rak'Shir Artanis and Fenix can speak with eachother and the only thing they speak about is murdering Alarak. Both still didn't realise that Alarak can do what ever he want to. He has the death fleet and he is one of the most powerful beings.Artanis and Fenix seems to have some inferiority complexes like all other templers when it comes to Alarak.A nice fun fact about Alarak: „The only templer he didn't flexed was the phase-smith Karax.“And anyone who knows Alarak by this analysis so far here. People that he doesn't flexed are people he seems to accept or to tolerate.The next major arc with Alarak happens on Aiur. Alarak want to purge the protoss on Aiur since they are under the control of Amon and don't want to risk lifes. It would be faster, safer, and the more direct way. Since Alarak is a Tal'Darim they always go the direct way. Don't forget Amon got the golden armada of the templer under his control.Random Guy: „But Peace what about the 'Rak'Shir' ? Wasn't it a waste of time ? They served all Ma'Lash and he served Amon! Why they don't just destroyed the Tal'Darim ?“Short analysis:

1 – The death fleet is so great that when the Spear of Adun with the death fleet arrives on Aiur the Spear of Adun takes the colours of the Tal'Darim. In other words: Would they attack the Tal'Darim they would get, wait please I'm looking for the word Alarak use likely, annihilated! And according to the voice change of Artanis when he saw the death fleet it seems the death fleet is bigger then the golden armada.
2 – The control of the Tal'Darim could easily get changed without much risk.
3 – Artanis and all other templer needed allies and the Tal'Darim became their greatest power against Amon.

In the fight against Amon there is not much to analyse. But after. Alarak declines an alliance with the templer. Which I can understand. The most templer hated him for nothing and Artanis is maybe a rolemodel for the templer but he don't have them under enough control for Alarak. Alarak left his people the one chance to join the templer. But less joined the templer which we see in the next campaign.But there is another campaign I slightly speak about above: „Starcraft 2: Nova Covert Ops“Here is a little „easter egg“. The appearence of Alarak doesn't start with Alarak but with J'Nara the new first Assendent. Also like Alarak she send a warning shot against the Zerg as a demonstration and introduce herself to us like Alarak once did.Alarak amused and slightly frustrated speaks shortly after with Nova and Reigal. He makes a bargain with Nova and seems to leave a mark within her mind as we see later. We do not see it's directly. But what we see directly is that Alarak is frustrated about getting disturbed by annihilating the defender of man by Nova. He scratches the ships user console.He offers her to get Terrazine and compete again his first Assendent J'Nara. After Nova gets the Terrazine Nova is asking how should they contact him.He tells her: „When the times comes, I will know.“ And he knew. After Nova restores her memories and capture General Davis Alarak shows up with the death fleet to annihilate „the defender of man“. Nova is upset about how Alarak goes the path. But he is a Tal'Darim. He knows everyone who supoorted them has the same amount of fault like „the defenders of man“. And he supported Nova only to guarrente the future safety of his people. As you may notice the Tal'Darim didn't attacked „the defenders of man“ in the first place.Random Guy: „But damn Peace. Those supporters are civilians! They are innocent! You can't just say he is a hero! He eradicated a whole planet!“Me: „Nobody is perfect but compared with all other heroes based on their reactions and actions Alarak is the best 'hero' you will find in the entire Blizzard gaming history. And random guy stop being intolerant to Alaraks culture. The chain of assendence speaks that all supporters have the same guilt like their leader.He isn't shiny, he isn't friendly, he isn't doubting about himself. But besides idealism he is all a hero should be. Direct actions, self-confident, always analysing, doing what he speaks, fighting for his people, respecting his kind tradition, and most important never letting you place by anyother in a place beneath your worth! He knows his place and he don't let him place anywhere else. He doesn't have infentriory complex because he never compare himself with other, like Artanis or Fenix.“And that's it for my analysis. I hope you liked it. Alarak is one of my favourites characters of all times.

Have a great day Your PeaceCraft / IFGWarcraft.

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