Would you prefer Stracraft 2 games to be decided by players intentions or mechanics?

starcraft 8 - Would you prefer Stracraft 2 games to be decided by players intentions or mechanics?

A: Prefer smarter player with better intentions / better strategy to win


B: Prefer faster player with better mechanics/more actions done to win. (at their MMR they would be doing comparatively less smart decisions if mechanics is rewarded)

Quality vs quantity.

My favourite thing about the game is room for decision making skill ceiling and I feel like that is let down by the mechanical chores forced upon a player. The player knows they should do all the basic things but they take up so much of the mechanical budget there is not much room left to express ones strategical intentions.

Personally I would prefer if the game was more skewed towards rewarding the smarter player with better intentions to win and thus would prefer more QOL that removed unnecessary mechanical bottlenecks so players could show their intentions more (and more fluidly).

I was a fan of the change that made gateways automatically transform into warp-gates after the research is done for example as I don't like the idea of a player losing due to being punished heavily for not keeping up with all the necessary obvious actions one is punished for not keeping up with that they intend to do but are not fast enough to keep up with.

Having so many obvious mechanical tasks one is forced to do or be punished for not doing (constant resource use without supply block without ignoring army in combat) makes it so players are rarely free to express their (often more complex) intentions without being heavily punished for not getting many of the obvious mechanical tasks done.

Eg. If one didn't have to press A 2 times per reactored barrax every 18 seconds as well as S once per orbital every 12 seconds they would have more time to do harass, drops, micro or think about transitions.

I think I would prefer the game if resources were spent on the units when they started rather than when they are queued. Same for buildings.

Read:  1-base mining income is maximized at ~27 workers, not 24

The highlights of SC2 for me are seeing intelligent intentions show through, not people pressing S every 12 seconds and A every 18 seconds and winning even if they seemed worse strategically.

I prefer meaningful decisions as of what to do with the resources rather than the mechanics of getting them spent. I think the game could be improved in this area.

Even if one likes mechanical highlight elements in battles, there would be more battles if there were less actions required to spend resources. Also think if you like that they pressed a bunch of keys on the keyboard quickly or if you liked their intentions.

Even in battles the interesting thing to me in the micro is the intentions and we would see more intentions being expressed more quickly if they were not slowed down by mechanical requirements.

Artosis and Noregret recently brought up spell casters and Artosis wanted to remove smart-cast so all selected casters would cast whatever spell was commanded. As in all selected infestors would shoot fungal in the same place, all selected HT cast storm etc.

This would reward players that could click their casters individually faster and try to do what is currently done, just more difficult mechanically.

I would much prefer something like Storm/Fungal/EMP having a 0.3 second global cooldown and all selected casters spells being simultaneously available. Casters balanced accordingly.

I am fine with the game being real time and even for it to have an expectation that people have slightly above average human EPM.

I just want it more about quality intentions and less about keeping up with lots of obvious basic mechanical requirements.


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