Yea it’s balance whine so help me to understand

starcraft 7 - Yea it's balance whine so help me to understand

A marine stutter step attacks faster than a speed upgraded overlord.

But lets forget about marines. Widow mines walk significantly faster than marines, cost the same as one baneling, are not sacrificial, shoot at range, shoot air, have several times the damage, have much higher splash damage, have much wider splash radius, have as much HP as a hydralisk, are naturally cloaked, can be built two at a time, and have a 50% shorter build time.

I do understand that you can't compare unit to unit in this game. But all the stuff I described seems so over the top that a direct comparison does reveal some unfairness. How am I wrong about that? Honestly looking for an answer.

Terran did really well this year (Maru won all GSL). So why did terran need such crazy buffs this patch?


Widowmines are why I quit the game. I only came back because of the widow mine nerf but they are making me want to quit the game again. It takes 10 mutalisks to one-shot a widowmine. Mutalisks are awful useless units. Their range is so low, they are squishy, low dps, expensive units. One cheap missile turret shuts down anything less than 20 mutalisks which is such a huge expense. Seems like every zerg unit is kind of like that.

I was 4000 mmr before the recent patch. Struggling at 3500ish now.

Even if they are balanced at the highest level of gameplay, widowmines are no fun.

End of rambling rant.

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