🌿 Children of the Baol 🌿

stellaris 7 - 🌿 Children of the Baol 🌿

Had this idea for a future play through and thought I would post the backstory I created, let me know what you guys think. ☺️


In the ancient eons when the stars were still young, our Mother fell from the empty void beyond the sun. Fleeing the great burnings of the Evil Ones and desperate for refuge, She fell to the earth within a terrible confluence of fire. Stranded and alone, She took up her abode upon the desolate husk. Long She roamed those dead lands searching for life-giving waters. When She could not find it She trembled and drew nigh unto despair. However, in a great pitch against death, She drove Her roots deep into the earth and felt therein a glimmer of hope. Still deeper She delved and thus beheld great cisterns, under-lakes, and deep rivers. Great was Her rejoicing. Unbeknownst to Her, the waters of this earth She had found held within it a worth far beyond what She had reckoned. The waters nourished Her to a strength She had never before possessed. Thus She remained in thought for a long while. Little by little, the fruit of Her imagination and will of Her spirit brought forth a great design and purpose. Therefore, through Her arts perfected in primordial days by Her long lost kin, She seeded that dead world with life. The hallowed waters aided Her in the changing of the world. However, the waters changed Her as well. She grew to a great stature and Her form turned to that of a great tree. Long were Her labors and as time crept on, Her wisdom waxed immensely until She perceived all as it truly was and She found peace in Her transcendence. When the world was made beautiful, She began the next portion of Her design. The birthing of Her children. Us. When we first unfurled our leaves and felt the warmth of the sun, we perceived another sensation – Her love. It surrounded us, enveloped us. For She, in Her great power and by the virtues of this miraculous land, had become the world itself. She was a part of it as it was a part of Her. Thus She received Her immortality. She communes with us always, yet her presence is felt greatest near the Holy Tree. It reflects Her first form just as we reflect the form of Her thought. She is our mother and we are her children and this is the home She wrought for us. Now, as we have become firmly established, we have perceived more of the will of Old Mother, She has revealed to us knowledge and truths. Truths concerning the void beyond the sun and what lies there. She wills us to pursue it and we will do as She asks for She is our mother and we are Her children.



Thought I would make a race descended from a surviving Baol, fleeing from the purges of the Grunur. Over time the Baol terraforms planet, becomes the planet, creates life in her image, and then send her children back out into space. Origin: Life-Tree (obviously) Government: Hive-mind, seeing as how they are in constant communion with the thoughts of their mother.

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