12-16 player weekly modded MP game, starting 24/4

stellaris 8 - 12-16 player weekly modded MP game, starting 24/4

General information

Hello folks, a group of friends and I are looking to start a regular MP game hopefully without AI's.

It will be heavily modded so if that is not your thing, then I'm sorry but this is not the game for you.

To make it easier to find/subscribe to the mods, we've made a collection:
Mods are final nothing are gonna be deleted nor added to the collection, unless something unforeseen happens.

The game is played every Wednesday 19.00-22.00 CET

Anyone is welcome, as long as they can make those times.

As mentioned we're aiming between 12-16 players and as such have between 7 and 11 spots free.

The game is played on the test branch version.

Galaxy Size will be Medium (600 stars)

Depending on the amount of players we will have a certain amount of fallen empires.
12 human players = 4 fallen empires
16 human players = 2 fallen empires.


1st. Bastiram.
2nd. Kael
3rd. Captaincupcake
4th. Stormi
6th. Free
7th. Free
8th. Free
9th. Free
10th. Free
11th. Free
12th. Free
13th. Free
14th. Free
15th. Free
16th. Free


How to Join

Simply, answer this thread with you discord id, so I can contact you.

If you have answered the thread and I haven't contacted you, then you do no have a spot. I will try to keep the above updated.


Game start:
For game start Wednesday, please have made sure you have an Empire made and that you can join the game. On discord either grab me (Bastiram) or Kael, and we will help you check.

IF you haven't done this, please show up before 19.00 (24/4) so it can't be done before game start.


We do not want to be sitting with a bunch of people, waiting for one person that can be bothered to get ready beforehand.

If you don't have an empire or your mods does not work by 19.15 the game will start and an AI will play in your stead

This goes too for any subsequent Wednesdays, we will start at the latest 19.15, but you're of course welcome to Hotjoin if you already have an empire in the game.

Civics/empire rules:
Your Starting system needs to be one of the Random starting systems from vanilla, not any of the fancy ones that the mod adds.

The following four are specific civics that are banned, they A. do not work in MP if more than one people take them and B. gives an unfair advantage.

Crystal Home
Floating Home
Graveyard Home
Techno-Organic Home

All Planet Classes is allowed, including the Exotic Planets. With one exception, the Tomb World. If you want your home planet to be a Tomb World, please take the civic: Post-Apocalyptic

IF any of the above is broken, you're kicked from the game.

Do note, that we're playing with Randomized guaranteed habitable planets. What this means is that the two guaranteed planet will be of your Sub-class.

Example Your home planet is an ocean world in the base game, your guaranteed planet can either be tropical, ocean or continental etc.

Essentially meaning if you take an Exotic Planet type as your homeworld, you're not guaranteed two habitable planets.

Game rules:
Player wars are not allowed for the first 20-years and you're not allowed to kill off a player for the first 40 years. After that, it is everyone's game. If there are any AI empires feel free to exterminate them.

Federations are only allowed two members, and you're only allowed in game to have two defensive alliances.
This, however, does not prevent you from making verbal alliances etc. we just do not want to see 90 % of the map coloured in one federation colour.

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