2.2.5 Shared Burdens + Synthetic Ascension is possibly the most powerful mid and late-game build Stellaris has ever seen

stellaris 6 - 2.2.5 Shared Burdens + Synthetic Ascension is possibly the most powerful mid and late-game build Stellaris has ever seen

As many of you no doubt know, Shared Burdens is really, really good. The drastically reduced consumer goods upkeep on everyone allows you to focus more on both alloy production and science production with negligible downside.

With the total elimination of Synthetics' energy woes in 2.2.5 via the ME energy producing job yield being increased by 50%, which also applies to synths, the increased colony pop build speed for synths from adding a second replicator job, and the massive increase to specialist output (well, all resource output, but specialist output is the key here) provided by the combination of fanatic egalitarian, the robot output bonuses from synthetic ascension perk, and the drastic reduction of consumer goods making specialist jobs much more affordable, commusynths can do the following:


A. Colonize absolutely anything they want, without concerns towards habitability.

B. Produce stupid amounts of alloys and CGs without even needing an ecumenopolis due to the staggering overall bonuses to specialist output combined with the incredibly low consumer goods usage that is part of Shared Burdens.

C. Produce stupid amounts of research for the above reasons.

D. Do all of the above without needing to dedicate a single building slot to precincts, since you have no unhappy people to generate meaningful amounts of crime. This is essentially playing a Machine Empire without any of the drawbacks. (Saren.jpg)

E. Ignore food almost entirely, since you only need to feed immigrants while they are assimilating, allowing you to funnel even more people into minerals, energy, and specialists.


F. Easily outgrow even the most ridiculous of growth stacking that organics can achieve via migration treaties, rapid pop building, and default assimilation rights for non-synths. Increased build speed traits are completely unnecessary.

G. Provide ample housing through the unique Shared Burdens housing building, which provides up to +11 housing in a single building slot for the low, low price of only 1 rare crystal in upkeep, allowing you to dedicate even more districts to mining and energy on your rural worlds.

H. Once World Shaper terraforming is fixed, they will be able to do all of the above while also benefiting from the increased happiness and bonus to all output of Gaia worlds, while also increasing immigration attractiveness even more.

I. Micromanagement of pops is made all but unnecessary, because you can produce far more resources than you ever need with everyone having a reduced housing trait, increased science output, and your choice of whatever else, such as increased mineral output, increased happiness, increased unity output… Do note though you need to keep an eye on your growth. One you have reached carrying capacity on a planet, immediately discourage growth and forbid all replicator jobs. Replicator jobs will continue building new pops at the same rate even while growth is discouraged (thanks Paradox! :P)

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