2.2 and Beyond – What do you want?

stellaris 8 - 2.2 and Beyond - What do you want?

Now that 2.2 is nearly upon us, I can't help but think towards the future! What games I wanna play, how I want to win, which dumb ideas I want to roleplay, but also new mechanics that can be added!

So far, we've gotten 3 major expansions (or, more accurately, as of Thursday we have). One focused on society and Utopian ideas (and how big bad FE's can duke it out), another focused on actually using that shiny new cassus belli now that your neighbour has a colossus, and now one focused on trade and economics. What else do we want to see brought in?

Personally, I want to see more diverse playstyles and ways to win. With Megacorp I feel they're missing out by not adding a win condition for 'controls galactic economy'. Win by ascending beyond the physical form or by destroying the galaxy, each of which requiring massive projects that notify the enemy that you're attempting… something.

But, you could find out about that something! Add more rich diplomacy and espionage! Infiltrator synths and genetically modified chameleon spies! Detonate bombs on their capital or sway their fringe worlds to your side. Incite rebellions to stop even the strongest of navies in their tracks.

But where's all the fun in that if the game doesn't keep up the roleplaying? More events and event chains are always dope. Make it serious, make it silly. We have garbage moles and worms in black holes already so we can add everything in between from something light hearted to something grim. After all, seeing the same events over and over gets a little repetitive, but you all knew that.

The most out there one I have is a 'New Game +' of sorts. Why wait for the Prethoryn to come to you, when you can make a galactic exodus. Dimension jump yourself into a new galaxy, or seal your people away in cyrochambers for ages only to reawaken once the galaxy is ripe once more.

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Anyone else have some good ideas they want to see implemented?

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