2.2 Authoritarians & Robots

stellaris 3 - 2.2 Authoritarians & Robots

So I've got early access to 2.2 and I've hit a bit of a problem that has me scratching my head and I don't really know where else to ask.

I have a faction which is Authoritarian and Fanatic Materialist.

23 years in and I get my first robot pop on my home world. Immediately my Authoritarian faction throws a paddy about Stratified Society Issues with a -20% negative, where as before they'd be literally as happy as can be.

The Stratified Society Issue says "Ensuring a stratified society – be it through a stratified economy, slavery or even purging – will please the Authoritarian Faction"

Ok, so maybe something needs modifying in my policies, I think. Except… I've already got a Stratified Economy on my main pops, have done since I started the game. Purging is allowed (displacement) and Slavery is also allowed, and If I pop over to the planet and take a look at my populations I can see my little robot has picked up a trowel and started gardening away in my farming districts and has the "Servitude" flag.

Ok, so maybe it's rights on the robot pop that needs sorting out. So I go over and see that my options are limited. They're already flagged as a Citizenship and Living Standard of Servitude, makes sense. Slavery Type is Chattel Slavery and greyed out, so no help there.

So basically… am I being super derpy here, because I do not understand why my Authoritarian faction is currently getting very cranky about… having slave robots.

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