2.2 Planetary Management: How to cope with the intense micro

stellaris 3 - 2.2 Planetary Management: How to cope with the intense micro

I've watched some Stellaris runs on twitch and seen people complaining here. You'll see in my history me begging people to help me deal with population. I found a decent way to deal with the micromanaging for the time being.

Set up a routine.

I only check my planets every 2 years or longer. I let two years run, convene a senate in my mind and decide what needs to be done. If your updating each planet as it comes up, you're killing yourself in micromanaging as well as obfuscating what your empire really needs.

You see the red notification for unemployments, check the planet, gaze up your deficits and build based on that, continuing this balancing act all through the game… A waste. When you gaze up, especially in late game, you have building orders all over the empire going as well as pops growing and you're making a decision before all those buildings and pops take their effects.

If you wait 2 years to update your planets as apposed to the moment you see the notification, you'll realize where your empire is actually deficient. You can make a cute little domestic policy and carry it out. When two years is up check the numbers, reform and go again.


Your planets can survive unemployment and lack of housing. Its doesnt need to updated right away, once you let the planet run, it has more options for you to manipulate than you would if you just wait for 1 unemployment and 1 homeless.

Minimum you should wait for 2 unemployment. I see people updating buildings with only 1 unemployed pop and then cant figure out why theyre taking hits on minerals and food. Wait until you have a few unemployed to update buildings.

Example: you see 1 unemployment, update random building, people get promoted, you take a hit in food, then on another 1 unemployed planet you build another farm needlessly, and now you have too much food when the other planet gets it pops back, and now your selling food to make up for a deficit you didn't need in the first place because you updated the a building out of OCD, which of course now throws off the economy even more.

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If you woulda waited those pops wouldnt have promoted themselves causing the food surplus you're using to buy crystals when you coulda just built the rare crystal building.

Then spend two year on foreign policy or starbase upkeep or whatever. Just build a routine.

Hope that helps.

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