[2.3.2, unmodded, Ironman] Can anyone explain this bug I’m having, which randomly causes every robot and enslaved pop in the entire galaxy to change species to the primary empire’s species?

stellaris 2 - [2.3.2, unmodded, Ironman] Can anyone explain this bug I'm having, which randomly causes every robot and enslaved pop in the entire galaxy to change species to the primary empire's species?

I built up an interesting empire yesterday as a modified Commonwealth of Man changed to a criminal syndicate. I had managed to build and sustain a large empire despite the spraw penalty, by spamming research stations, commerce zones and alloy foundries and mass producing/purchasing slaves and robots- enabling nearly all human pops to occupy specialist jobs. I hate dealing with starvation, and I know its unnecessary to do so, but I had a boatload of agriculture districts running a 20+ food surplus on nutritional plenitude (as I was forcing growth).

That strategy backfired today when I reloaded my game, as I hadn't planned on the game instantly converting every non human species, robots included, into humans (aside from 3 enslaved pop's, seemingly randomly selected). Before I realized what had happened, my +20 surplus was a -43 deficit. My gut reaction was to spam agriculture districts and buy slaves- after all, I had a shitload of energy production, and I hate micromanaging monthly trade given the price fluctuations. Not to mention the galactic market is a limitless source for pops without needing to wait. More pressing, I was winning a war against the UNE, but I couldn't sustain

When the districts started to finish, I went to the marketplace to buy slaves. There were a boatload of pops for sale with the "agricultural", or whatever it is, trait last I checked. This time there weren't any. Literally the market had no available slaves at all. The marketplace went from having (what felt like) 100s of pops and robots to buy, to having 0, in one day.

Facing potential ruin I realized I had no choice but to sell enslaved pops to reduce food consumption. I had at least 20-30 pops, and well over 40 robotic pops – enough extra I had been trying to offload a couple. I decided to put 10 pops on the market who didnt have a boost to food production. When I checked, I only had 3 pops to sell, including robots.

Suddenly, i finally understood why i felt i had left the game yesterday in a a state impeccable economic stability, only to find it utterly collapsed when I reloaded. I edited the game file to disable ironman, and discovered that every enslaved or robotic pop in the entire galaxy had changed species to whatever was the original species of the empire they lived in.

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Interestingly I had no machine empires spawn in my galaxy, and 8 – out of 16 – empires were hiveminds that game, so I dont know how machine empires would've been affected. The year was 2415, and though I was still producing new machine pops on the only world where I still had the building, there wasnt a single robot pop in the galaxy. In their place was a massive food deficit which results when you immediately introduce 40+ pops and elevated another 20 from basic substance to social welfare living standards. My -40 food shortage made me one of the top food producers. I must've been running a huge consumer goods surplus to maintain a +3 monthly production base – I think I was using it to offset amenity shortages while I spammed new colonies with slaves.

I'm so pissed. And this glitch defies logic – had every enslaved pop dissapeared it would at least be explainable logically, but no, every enslaved pop but 3 dissapeared (2 of one species, 1 of another, where before I had 5 different slave species + 1 robotic servant species). I was really enjoying this game too- and I cant even run 2.3.1 or 2.3 on linux, which my laptop uses. My PC needs repairs, so I'd have to roll back to 2.2 – I tried a new game on that PC anyways despite the CPU needing thermal paste because I wanted to play so badly, and the same fucking thing happened again.

My game is unmodded, and it occured upon reloading a save – not every time either, only if I reloaded after not playing for a 12 or more hours in each case. The second time it happened earlier in the game progression, so it seems to occur when the system reboots, and steam is restarted. I dont think cloud saving could be to blame, but I also cant think of anything that could be to blame. I haven't seen this issue crop up elsewhere, but it's happening to me on multiple systems running different OS versions and isn't fixed with a clean install.

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What the fuck is this shit. Seriously. I had a few other bugs that caused me to do a clean installation on both computers -the PC refresh was preemptive to prevent this nonsense, but apperantly this bug appears to be specific to the patch. Has anyone else experienced shit like this? I'd rather have end game lag, or even CTDs than a bug that causes the whole save to be unplayable because suddenly the factory equipment, for no reason at all, gets equal rights to humans and also needs food.

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