4 new origins/civics to add flavor and allow customisation regarding ascension paths and ethos.

stellaris 3 - 4 new origins/civics to add flavor and allow customisation regarding ascension paths and ethos.

I'm probably not the only one who was disappointed that as a spiritualist, you can't give AI rights, or that as a materialist, you won't ever get psi theory naturally.

Here's my idea to fix that while keeping the intentions intact. These are 2 civics for normal empires and two origins for hiveminds to allow for more freedom when choosing ascensions.

  • civics

"Ordo Sancti Machina" – requires non-fanatic spiritualism.

When chosen, it gives your empire the ability to give AI citizen rights, but it causes a -200 opinion debuff (-300 for fanatics) with other spiritualist empires (Blasphemous), as well as a -50 opinion debuff (-40 for fanatics) with materialist empires (Weirdly Obsessed). Spiritualist empires also gain a casus belli against them (Blasphemy), that removes the civic from their government. In return, they gain a small unity buff for every non-enslaved synthetic pop living in their society, as well as a larger unity buff for every synthetic leader, including synthetically ascended ones.

In essence, this represents this society's belief that machines and technology are instruments of divine will, and that more advanced machines are of greater use to the gods they worship. A truly sapient machine would be seen as the "perfect being", an avatar of the gods.

"Pragmaticism" – requires non-fanatic materialism.

When chosen, gives your empire the option to research psionic theory and removes the spiritualist buff from ascending psionically. However, it causes a large -100 opinion debuff (-200 for fanatics) with other materialist empires (Hipocrisy), as well as a casus belli for fanatic materialists (Embrace Rationality) that removes the civic from their society.

This would represent a society's belief that although psionics and "magic" aren't explainable through science, their effects and causes are and that is good enough to study them.

Both of these civics would be removable at any time, but you can't add them after the start of the game.

  • origins

"Theosis" – requires hive-mind authority type.

When chosen, this origin removes the hive-minded trait and replaces it with "shared consciousness", a trait whose icon is much the same, only the symbol in the little green circle is dark purple instead of black. This origin allows you to ascend psionically as a hive-mind.

Choosing the first perk turns the "shared consciousness" trait into "psionic bond", which makes the entire trait icon a purple version of the hive-minded trait, and adds a muted version of the bonuses inherent in the perk. Additionally, it adds the "budding psionic influence" trait to all leaders, which carries with it half the bonuses as the normal "psychic" trait.


Choosing the second perk turns the "psionic bond" trait into the "Psychic Synapse" trait, which adds a yellow glow to the honeycomb shapes in the trait icon. This adds three quarters of the full bonuses of the psionic trait to your pops, and the full bonuses of the psionic trait to your leaders. Additionally, you gain access to the Shroud, and have a halved cooldown timer in exchange for a small pop production debuff, as the entire hive is "mustering psionic strength" at once instead of only a small group of telepaths.

This origin represents a Hive that formed not as a result of biology, but through the shroud. Either because of some entity, or because their primitive ancestors accidentally telepathically linked themselves and didn't know how to or want to separate again.

"The Great Network" – requires hive-mind authority type.

Similar to Theosis, this trait replaces the normal hivemind trait with another one, called "brain implant". It has the same effect as hive-minded, except for the fact that leaders aren't immortal.

This origin allows you to synthetically ascend. Taking the first ascension perk turns the "brain implant" trait into "Cortex Structure", which shortens leader lifespans by 40 years but adds a research and unity buff to pops, as well as 1 1/2 the bonuses of the cyborg buff to leaders.

Taking the second perk turns the "cortex structure" into "Meat Husk", which once again shortens leader lifespans by 10 years, but this time adds a resource production buff to pops, as well as various "stronger body" type effects to leaders, such as more army damage (because their bones can't break anymore), or ship repair (because they can go outside w/o spacesuits)

What this represents is a society that implanted themselves with brain implants before they reached space, and whose implants slowly melded their consciousnesses into one. This chimera, amalgam of thoughts and minds, then begins to manipulate their implants, growing them until they fill the entire shape of their former selves, covering the skeleton, permeating the brain with wiring and computers, and basically using their former bodies as disposable but highly effective "meat husks".

I tried my best to make them actually unique, and not just "but I want everything", which I've seen so much of in the past.

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